Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Horne LYING about Brnovich's position on illegal immigration! Unfrigginbelievable desperate tactic

Embattled, scandal-plagued, liberal AZ AG incumbent, Tom Horne just released a new ad saying conservative challenger Mark Brnovich favors tuition for illegals! This is such a flat, disgusting lie that people need to stand up and denounce him for it. Brnovich would never support tuition for illegals in a million years. I am appalled Horne has the nerve to run something that blatantly dishonest, isn't that defamation?

Brnovich is much tougher on illegal immigration than Horne has been and ever will be. I've known Brnovich closely since we had offices next door to each other for three years at the AZ Attorney General's Office from 2000-03. He may even be more conservative than I am, and I know for a fact he is more conservative on illegal immigration than I am.

Time and time again, Horne has ducked opportunities to combat illegal immigration. He wouldn't defend Governor Brewer in the court case over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.  Horne has a long pattern of picking and choosing when to get involved in illegal immigration issues. Why didn't he file a lawsuit against Pima County over tuition for illegals, only Maricopa County, if he was really so concerned about it? Because everything he does is political. 

When was the last time charges were filed against an employer over e-verify violations? When Andrew Thomas was in office. Horne isn't prosecuting them. 

Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Horne is no conservative, and he's performed mediocre on illegal immigration. Brnovich will take a much more aggressive approach and fix our porous border. 

Matt Salmon, one of the most conservative Republican Representatives, explains in this video why he is supporting Brnovich. He asked Tom Horne not to run for reelection, he thought his scandals were so serious.


On principle, Andrew Thomas declines to participate in forum that caters only to Latinos

Below is an email I sent today to the organizers of a debate in which I'm declining to participate, for the reasons stated below. It's time to put an end to debates and forums that cater to voters based on race, ethnicity or language. This practice is dividing and damaging our country:

Dear Mr. Viramontes:

I am in receipt of your invitation to a gubernatorial candidates’ debate hosted by the Libre Initiative and Univision on August 20, 2014. Your invitation states the purpose of the debate is for candidates to address the “more than 600,000 Arizona Latinos” served by your organization. Also, Univision is to be the sole media outlet providing coverage of the event.

I am declining to participate in your debate. I believe it is wrong and damaging to our nation to conduct a forum that expressly caters to one racial or ethnic group only. This is particularly true when the debate is to be broadcast to the voters by a media outlet that speaks only Spanish, as Arizona is an Official English state.

Andrew Thomas
Candidate for Governor

Monday, August 18, 2014

Andrew Thomas Interviewed on The Seth Leibsohn Show, 960 The Patriot

Andrew Thomas was interviewed on The Seth Leibsohn Show (KKNT -960 The Patriot).
Learn more about the true conservative candidate in this forty minutes of airtime.

Thomas for Governor

 The Seth Leibsohn Show airs Monday-Friday from 9-11 PM

Listen to Andrew Thomas for Governor on the Jim Sharpe show

STARTS AT 31 minute point. Hear what the true conservative in the race has to say.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I will be on the Phoenix Kate Krueger Talking Guns show today at 11 - 11:30 a.m.

Visit KKTGRadio.com to drive people to tune in. There is a Listen Live option on the website and Listener Call-In Line 866-536-1100. We will be discussing mass shootings, the mentally ill, ISIS and conservative candidates.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ducey, Smith and Jones Realize Thomas is the One to Beat, So Will Not Allow Him in Their Fake Republican Polling

Polls funded by special-interest-backed candidates all leave Andrew Thomas out as a choice for governor!


A m e r i c a n  P o s t - G a z e t t e
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Thursday, August 14th, 2014

McCain appearing with Ducey at a townhall
We've heard that the RINO Doug Ducey campaign for governor has hired the political consulting firm of Coleman Dahm & Associates, a political polling firm that represents Democrats too (hmm, what does that tell you?). They issued a poll today that - surprise! - shows Ducey in the lead. Now what's intriguing about this poll, is they claim there are only two frontrunners, Ducey and Smith, who are WAY ahead of everyone else. This is to scare people into thinking they'd better support Ducey in order to beat Smith, the only liberal Republican in the race - otherwise Smith will win.

Who believes this? Until now, Jones had money and was able to afford pollsters to make it look like SHE was one of the two leading candidates. The media dutifully reported for months that it was a two person race between Ducey and Jones. Ducey has all the GOP establishment behind him, so the money is still pouring in for him. A newcomer to politics, Jones has apparently run out of money.

So who do you want? The establishment-driven Ducey, or who the Republican base is supporting, Andrew Thomas? Don't buy the fake polls. It is abhorrent that our very own Republicans would be using false polls to bolster their chances. We've heard from close to 100 people over the past few days that they've been polled about the governor's race and Andrew Thomas was not offered as a choice. Since even in these dishonest polls, he's polling around third, what does that tell you? He's the guy they know they have to beat.

Sellout, and vote for Ducey or Smith, or stick with the only conservative in the race, who is not even ALLOWED in polling by his dishonest opponents!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ralph Heap, the Clear Choice for LD25 Senate Responds to Attack Ads in this Message

Ralph Heap is a conservative and the clear choice for LD25 Senate. The following is a forwarded message.

Dr. Ralph Heap writes:

I am a political novice and continue to be amazed by the political process. I knew that as a conservative who believes in the principle of limited government, I would be a target for the concerns that look to expand the size and scope of government and the special interests that profit from that expansion. Obamacare is the embodiment of big government. The expansion of Medicaid will be a financial burden for the state that will inevitably compromise our ability to fund key state commitments ranging from education to public safety. Tax increases will not be avoidable.

I am being accused of hypocrisy because I am willing to treat Medicaid patients. I am flattered and encouraged by the repeated attacks which demonstrate for all to see the success of my campaign. Here are the facts: I do not have a private medical practice. I spent 18 months at my own expense on a medical mission to Africa and upon my return I went to work for Physicians Group of Arizona. I receive a salary and I am not involved in contracting with any patient group. I see the patients assigned to me by my employers. There are no monies directly paid to me from any insurance company or government agency. These facts can be easily checked and were provided to the Arizona a Republic. The idea that doctors are making big money from Medicaid is laughable. In fact the adds have been a nice source of comic relief for some of my beleaguered colleagues. One physician saw the tv add and after confirming that I am running in opposition to Obamacare, stated " so let me get this straight you are campaigning to make less money."

The typical Medicaid payment is about 70% of Medicare.  The reality is that Medicaid payments barely cover an Orthopedic Surgeons overhead. I am one of a very small number of Surgeons in the East Valley willing to care for these patients. I have a history of caring for the less fortunate, at my expense, on numerous mission trips and in my private Orthopedic practice. This is not the profile of a doctor trying to enrich himself at the taxpayers expense.

I will continue my campaign as the only conservative choice for State Senate in LD 25. I appreciate very much the enthusiastic support I have received. I am willing to take the personal attacks and I will not waver from my commitment to those conservative principles that are the foundation of this great country.

Regrettably opponents have chosen to use Ad Hominem Attacks.  Here is both a statement and avideo to get correct the misrepresentations.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rob Haney decimates Frank Riggs's allegedly "conservative" record

The conservative record of Andrew Thomas speaks for itself. He's a strong, proven leader ready to put Arizona back on the path to prosperity while remaining a steadfast defender of our conservative values.


A m e r i c a n  P o s t - G a z e t te
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Riggs said at forum: "Illegal immigration legislation is making us a segregated society"

Riggs has done virtually nothing in politics since arriving in Arizona in 2001, AWOL from grassroots  

Rebuttal to Wes Harris's Attack on Andrew Thomas

By Rob Haney

 Wes says he was for Andrew Thomas before he was against Andrew Thomas.  He cites Riggs' late entry into the fray for changing his mind.  Such a late entry, Wes, is more commonly termed "playing a spoiler role" to split the conservative vote to make sure that Thomas does not win.

 Wes says how much he likes Andrew if only Andrew did not have those pesky legal problems.  (Legal problems that he received fighting the battles against the illegal alien invasion, a corrupt Board of Supervisors, a liberal judiciary, the Chambers of Commerce and the Establishment Power Brokers.  These were issues we elected Thomas to address.  He fought the battles for us because no one else would. See Riggs' record below for everything he said and did to help us in these battles during this 12 year period.) 

Wes offered his magnanimous sage advice that Andrew should clear these legal injustices from his record and then run for governor.  The Grand Jury already cleared Andy of this legal injustice by throwing the case out for lack of evidence, Wes.  It is only the actions of the corrupt AZ Bar Association members who removed his law license that you lament now.  The Bar Associations in other states have taken similar actions with those in law enforcement positions who do not follow the Bars left wing ideology.  Most recently former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline lost his law license because he addressed the illegal actions of Planned Parenthood for failing to report statutory rape.  The Bar removed Kline's license on trumped-up charges similar to Andrew's.  The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Kline's appeal.  So Andrew should appeal to the corrupt AZ Bar for reinstatement, eh Wes?  Brilliant advice.

Wes then falls back on the old canard that Thomas is a one issue candidate.  I guess Wes never heard Andrew address the corrupt judiciary or if he did, he would say Thomas needs to get off that one issue?  Or is it that Wes never heard Thomas criticize the country's education record and what should be done about it.  He must not have heard Riggs defend the education system during the same forum with Thomas.  I guess Wes never heard that Thomas is the only candidate to urge passage for the Religious Freedom Bill?  Or is it that Wes doesn't remember that his candidate, Riggs, urged the veto of the Religious Freedom Bill.  The point is that the illegal invasion is the top issue to be addressed immediately or our country is no more and Riggs equivocates on the issue.

I heard Riggs state in a forum that the illegal immigration legislation (that would include SB 1070) and the Religious Freedom Act were creating a perception that AZ is becoming a segregated society. Reminds me much of the Shadegg, Kyl and McCain statements that those who supported SB 1070 and opposed amnesty legislation were xenophobic and intolerant.  Riggs even falsely quoting Thomas' citing a statement from a national report that legal and illegal immigrants accounted for all employment increases.  Riggs then talked over an attempt to correct his misquote.

Riggs is a fast talking equivocator. I have seen far too many of these equivocator types who will hang back, avoiding the conflict, then attempt to wow us with all they would have done if only they had had the guts at the time to have come forward.  There is no doubting Thomas; he is not a fast talking equivocator.  That is why he is loved by the grassroots  conservatives and despised by equivocating Establishment Power Brokers who have changed the name of Common Core and Obama Care to make their positions less clear.

Wes states that it is his opinion that Thomas is getting desperate because Thomas  pointed out the differences between the records of the candidates in a mailer about a month ago?  Who is getting desperate here?  I would counter that it is actually Riggs who is just now realizing that down playing the illegal alien invasion and the Religious Freedom Bill is not playing well for him in his polls. The California congressman has to create some excitement.  So he brings in an "Independent Expenditure" team and "dark money" from his former congressional seat mate from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum because Riggs has mishandled his campaign expenses and has no more money to lift his sagging campaign. Wes, that is what you call desperation.

Wes mentions the endorsements by Pearce, Burges and others.  Wes, those endorsements are more accurately referred to as betrayals.  And for the same reasons as stated above and attached below. Riggs is just now telling us what he would have done if he had gotten out of his fox hole and advanced toward the sound of the guns. If Riggs had dared to raise his head from the foxhole he was buried in during the last twelve years, he would be covered with battle scars. If he had fought hard enough, he might even have legal problems.  But then, he would have to get those cleared up before he considered running for governor. That is if Wes Harris had anything to say about it.

Riggs: AWOL from Conservative Battlefront
Since Arriving in AZ in 2001

Self-touting "veteran" and former California Congressman Frank Riggs' campaign rhetoric at Monday's forum needs to be measured by his own standards. Riggs bragged about his years in congress and stated that we must judge a candidate by what he does not what he says.

Let's examine what Riggs has done since he arrived in Arizona in 2001.

Conservative Battles Waged Riggs Did or Said

Must be US citizen to vote..........................................................AWOL
Must show ID to vote...................................................................AWOL
Must be citizen to collect welfare...............................................AWOL
No social security benefits to illegal aliens................................AWOL
Opposition to special benefits for dreamers...............................AWOL
Opposition to sanctuary city for illegal aliens............................AWOL
Legislation for employer sanctions.............................................AWOL
Battles against Amnesty legislation............................................AWOL
Grass root opposition to Kyl, McCain, Flake...............................AWOL
Attend meetings & rallies to oppose illegal alien invasion.........AWOL
Attend MCRC & State GOP meetings to back candidates...........AWOL
Testimony at State Legislature to oppose illegal aliens.............AWOL
Statement backing Arpaio, Thomas, Pullen VS illegal aliens......AWOL
Opposition to top two from primary advance to general ballot...AWOL
Religious Freedom Act...Riggs returned from AWOL status to be intimidated by the Gay Lobby and urge Brewer to veto the religious liberty bill.

A conservative in these battles created enemies and bears battle scars. Where are Riggs' scars? Where are his enemies? He has none because the "veteran" did not run toward the sound of gun fire. He was AWOL. The "baggage" a conservative fighter carries is actually a medal of honor for having borne the battle for us. We welcome Mr. Riggs to the front lines, but he is 12 years late.

The candidate to carry the conservative flag to the Governor's chair is the man who has borne the battle for us. That man is Andrew Thomas. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of principles we hold dear.

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Ahem, I am just ONE of the many, many editors of Western Shooting Journal

Someone tried to leave this anonymous comment after my article, Andrew Thomas's record on the Second Amendment the best of the gubernatorial candidates:

Always interesting how you say you are "THE editor at Western Shooting Journal" instead of "AN editor". That's the same type of self-inflating crap Andrew Thomas pulls.

I got a kick out of it. There is only one other editor listed on our masthead, the executive editor, and he has his own separate magazine which he is the editor of. He looks over my magazine for typos, but his role in my magazine is probably less than 5%, I do almost everything except layout and ads, which is done by our design department. I travel around the country interviewing celebs and gun stars for the magazine, etc. So yeah, I am THE editor. Appropriately, I posted this sign on my office door today.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can Andrew Thomas become governor despite his legal battles?

 I keep hearing from people that Andrew Thomas cannot win the governor's race because of the attacks on him, which resulted in the AZ State Bar revoking his license. Really? Thomas is climbing in even the biased polls, the latest which had him tied with Ken Bennett. Look what happened to Bill Clinton after he was disbarred; he went on to become even more popular, arguably the most popular political leader in the world for awhile, and now gets paid about $55 million per speech.

And what about former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline, who was similarly targeted by the left because he went after wrongdoing by abortion providers.  He went through a show trial just like we did, the same year in fact, 2011, and later that year he was disbarred. Well he's now a law professor at Liberty University, not exactly a lowly status.

The one thing I've been noticing the last few weeks especially is a surge in support online for Thomas. I'll see a rude comment about him on someone's Facebook page, or after an azcentral.com article - but people are now jumping in defending him with comments, names of people I don't even recognize.

I find it odd how people say Thomas can't win the election, but they're supporting Riggs instead, who is polling virtually the worst of anyone in the race. I like Riggs, but I don't see how he can overcome the low polling numbers. Even according to the biased polls, Thomas is significantly ahead of Riggs. So the logic that Thomas can't win - yet he's ahead of Riggs - therefore one should support Riggs, puzzles me.

There are some out there saying that Thomas should fix his legal problems first, then run for governor. Really? You've gotta be kidding! His enemies have been coming after him - and me - hard, the worst part beginning in 2009. It is now 2014 and there is no end in sight. What is he going to do, sit around for the next 20 years and never have an opportunity to hold office again because of these people targeting him? I think the targeting of him has gone on for so long now that people get it, they understand now the full story, the full story has been coming out for almost FIVE YEARS.

He's not "damaged goods" at this point, in fact, people are hiring him and seeking him out. My editor at the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research, a prominent conservative think tank, was delighted to hire Thomas to write for him, and the pay is excellent.

As the collateral damage in all this, I was damaged pretty bad too for awhile, it destroyed my law practice. But I've bounced back, I now have a weekly column for Townhall.com, and the Selous Foundation recruited me to write for them, as did the Christian Post and the UK Guardian. Many of my columns go viral; this one had over 33,000 shares.  I have an excellent, well-paying job as a gun magazine editor where I'm always in the limelight representing the magazine and interviewing top celebrities like Ted Nugent. My bar license has now been suspended for over a year and I am embroiled in litigation to get it back, but at this point, most people know what happened to me and it's not hurting my career. I get invited on more radio shows than ever now.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone in the community who has stood up for me. I just ask that you consider the fact that Thomas is also bouncing back. He has been pounding the pavement nonstop around Arizona meeting voters, there really has been a groundswell of support for him. Once he gets into office, I assure you he will continue combating corruption, which is extremely important so people will quit saying, "Cook County is no longer the most corrupt county in the nation."

Sunday, August 10, 2014

McCain, Flake will not endorse anyone for AZ Governor; realizing Andrew Thomas may win and they will have to get along with him

It is very telling that Arizona's two U.S. GOP Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, have not endorsed anyone in the Arizona GOP gubernatorial primary. Contrary to all the spin coming from the other candidates and their cronies in the liberal media, there IS no clear frontrunner, or even frontrunners. None of the polls have been legit, they're all tied to one or more of the candidates and so the results are widely different. Both Senators realize there is a very good chance Andrew Thomas is going to win, by taking the conservative and Tea Party base, and so why tick him off needlessly now?

"It's better to stay out unless there's a really compelling case to get in," Flake told The Arizona Republic. "It's a race with a high profile, and you have to work with whomever gets in there and you don't want to back the wrong horse. There are more downsides than upsides."
"I'm very likely to stay out of it," McCain said. Asked if he'd been courted by the candidates, McCain said he had, but acknowledged not by every one. "Mr. Thomas has not asked me," he said.
Thomas actually has gone as far as to run a commercial on Phoenix radio station KFYI-AM (550) that highlighted his opposition to McCain. After McCain's comment was reported on Twitter, the Riggs campaign tweeted that the former California congressman also had not spoken to nor sought McCain's endorsement.
Read the full article here

Andrew Thomas for Governor wins straw polls from Daisy Mountain Tea Party, LD 20

Andrew Thomas with Mr. Intellectual Conservative

By Andrew Thomas

Thanks to the voters of our great state, my campaign is the one with clear momentum. Recently, I won the endorsement of national conservative leader Michelle Malkin and straw polls by real voters: Maricopa County Republican leaders, District 20 Republicans and the Daisy Mountain Tea Party. I am the one candidate for Governor who is campaigning as an unabashed conservative and has a record to back it up. It's no wonder my campaign is the one that is truly surging. 

Even the "polls" purchased and controlled by my opponents and their friends are forced to concede I am rising rapidly and faster than anyone else. If you haven't yet researched the differences between the candidates to see why I'm the one true conservative running for Governor, please see my posts on Facebook or go to my website, www.voteandrewthomas.com. 

We must not settle for a candidate who will do the bidding of the establishment and stab us in the back as soon as the Republican primary election is behind them. Doesn't that happen every election cycle in Arizona? Instead, let's turn things around by sending the establishment a message they won't soon forget. Please vote for me by early ballot or on Election Day, August 26.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another powerful endorsement for Andrew Thomas for Governor: The Arizona Conservative lists who Reagan would support

Read the whole post here. I agree with almost all of these (there are a couple I have no opinion on/stayed out) 

Governor: Andy Thomas
Secretary of State: Will Cardon
Attorney General: Mark Brnovich
Treasurer: Randy Pullen
Supt. Of Public Instruction: Diane Douglas
State Mining Inspector: Joe Hart
Arizona Corporation Commission: Tom Forese, Vernon Parker
District 1: Adam Kwasman
District 2: Martha McSally or Chuck Wooten
District 3: Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
District 4: Paul Gosar
District 5: Matt Salmon
District 6: David Schweikert
District 7: no one
District 8: Trent Franks
District 9: Wendy Rogers
State Senators
Connie Uribe
Kelli Ward
The late Chester Crandall
Irene Littleton
Steve Smith
Andy Biggs
Ralph Heap
Don Shooter
Gail Griffin
Nancy Barto
David Farnsworth
Steve Yarbrough
Tom Morrissey
Kimberly Yee
Debbie Lesko
John Kavanaugh
Gary Cox
State Representatives
Linda Gray
Karen Fann
Sam Medrano
Brenda Barton
Darla Dawald
Vince Leach
Mark Finchem
Eddie Farnsworth
Warren Peterson
Darin Mitchell
Steve Montenegro
David Gowan
David Stephens
John Allen
David Smith
Kelly Townsend
John Fillmore
J.D. Mesnard
Jeff Weninger
John King
Jill Norgaard
Paul Boyer
Carl Seel
Rick Gray
David Livingston
Phil Lovas
Jay Lawrence
Michelle Ugenti
Rusty Bowers
Jerry Walker
Justin Olson
Shawna Bolick
Mesa–Danny Ray

Surprise surprise, government unions attacking conservative Shawnna Bolick for state legislature

They would rather see her liberal, John McCain-endorsed opponent, Mary Hamway, win the election. Shawnna, on the other hand, has been endorsed by multiple conservatives, including Russell Pearce.

To view this email as a web page, go here.


I hope this message finds you and your family well. This is Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio. The liberals and the Government Unions are supporting Mary Hamway.

The same unions that attacked me and my family are now attacking Shawnna Bolick and her family. It's disgusting what the Unions and Mary Hamway are doing to Shawnna and her family. Shawnna is running a positive campaign based on fiscal accountability and job creation. 

Please do not believe the lies from the Government Unions. The Unions created economic chaos in Phoenix and they will do that to our state.  Please vote for Shawnna Bolick for State Legislature.

Thank you very much!


Andrew Thomas's record on the Second Amendment the best of the gubernatorial candidates

I am the editor of Western Shooting Journal, a national print magazine about guns, and I worked under Andrew Thomas at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for over five years. What he has done for the Second Amendment goes above and beyond ANY of the other candidates in the race. When he replaced gun-grabbing prosecutor Rick Romley in 2005, who was known for throwing the book at self-defense incidents involving guns, he immediately reversed that policy. He started reviewing cases involving self-defense personally, or having another high-level trusted adviser review them. Many of the cases that had been submitted for prosecution turned out to be legitimate self-defense cases and the charges were dropped. Members of the Valley's Second Amendment community started contacting me about cases like these, and I would pass the information along to Thomas, who would see that the cases weren't being wrongfully prosecuted. He reversed 16 years of targeting lawful gun owners by Romley.

Next, he instituted a concealed weapons training program for all the prosecutors - and other employees - in the office. I believe it was the first of its kind in the country. I got to participate in the first class, where I got to know some of the top prosecutors in the office. It was imperative for them to get their concealed carry permits, because they had hits out on them by gangs. The permits allowed them to carry their guns from their cars into the work building, where they were at risk. (Since then, the law changed in Arizona so carrying concealed no longer requires a permit)

One key difference between Thomas and the rest of the candidates is he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. You can say you support the Second Amendment, but what efforts are you making to actively promote The Second Amendment rights? Thomas is the one candidate with a proven record of actively, on his own, instituting new changes supportive of the Second Amendment.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Andrew Thomas is the only candidate in the GOP governor's race who has not asked for John McCain's endorsement

Tells you everything you need to know....if you want to support the conservative candidate.

Retweeted Dennis Welch (@dennis_welch):

.@SenJohnMcCain won't endorse in GOP governor primary. Says all candidates have asked except for @ThomasforAZ

What people are saying about Andrew Thomas for governor

This candidate is the ONLY gubernatorial candidate that took time out of his busy schedule to private IM me this morning on some questions I had. This tells me he is a governor for the people and will LISTEN. There are certain issues that I firmly believe in and he answered each of those issues with certainty and honesty. He is a true conservative, not some RINO. Vote for Andrew Thomas!!!

Hubby and I have mailed in our ballots with Andrew Thomas for our governor.
Andrew Thomas put his career on the line for his constituents who wanted something done about corruption. He did the job we elected him to do without hesitation and with great courage and strength. There isn't another candidate for governor that has proven himself more to Arizona voters. A vote for Ducey is a vote for the establishment GOP and McCain. A vote for Jones INC. is a vote for a blatant corporate brand. A vote for Bennett is a vote for weakness. A vote for Smith is a vote for the liberals. A vote for Riggs is a vote for an unproven outsider. Save and protect Arizona... VOTE ANDREW THOMAS FOR GOVERNOR!

My neighbor came out and saw me putting " Andrew Thomas 4 Governor 2014" on my car and says....
If you believe in Andrew then he's good enough for me! I'm voting for him to!
I havent even left the garage yet!
  feeling excited. 

Now there's an endorsement to have! Malkin is one of the best activists for conservatism in the country. She doesn't just grab headlines, she knows the issues and she's in the trenches with us fighting them. Love what she does on Twitter.

Thank you for running a "no-strings-attached campaign. I would dread anyone owing McCain favors. His progressive politics and mine don't mix.

But WHO is telling us Thomas can't win? Pollsters? Who's interests do they have? Do you really think the Republic would print a poll that shows Thomas in the lead?

The surge is on, the TV ads and enthusiasm is growing. The establishment has identified it's candidate the grassroots needs to do the same. Thomas for Governor !

To all my conservative Republican friends
Vote Andrew Thomas for Governer of Arizona at the primary and general election.
I have met him personally and he is dedicated to what we want from our Governer.

Hey fellow Arizonians , if you haven't already filled out your primary ballots, please consider voting Andrew Thomas for Governor... I know I am personally tired of these socialist loving Democrats and these sorry, wishy washy, progressive Republicans. What we NEED is a true conservative that'll do what he says and Andrew Thomas is that guy.

I love supporting a candidate and a campaign that I believe is working for the good of this great country and not for their own personal gain. Right now, more than ever, Arizona needs a strong leader. There is only one person that is qualified to do the job. Andrew Thomas is tough, resilient, experienced and brilliant. Andrew Thomas has earned my trust, respect and of course, my vote.

 I am done with republicans and their progressive ways, we NEED a true conservative like Andrew Thomas to take the reigns and lead us out of this mess !!!

Everyone! I'm extremely excited to see that Andrew Thomas is running for Governor for our Great State of Arizona. In the days we live in where compromise abounds I find it more than comforting and encouraging that this man does not compromise with social and media norms and that he is clearly transparent with the only agenda of making our State and America a much better society where we the people can again trust our leaders in government in doing what is right regardless of any pressures from anyone. Andrew's track record speaks for itself. I will sleep much better at night once Andrew is in Office knowing that the citizens of Arizona, our children and grandchildren have hope in a brighter future!! I'm filling out my early ballot today with a nice black arrow pointing at Andrew Thomas!  God bless All!