Wednesday, March 4, 2015

An Arizona resident explains why HB2629 is necessary to make the State Bar voluntary

This letter was sent by an individual to state legislators, urging them to pass HB2629:

I own a home in the Biltmore area, pay Arizona property taxes, I have an Arizona car registration.  With Arizona family and friends who I see affected by HB 2629, I want to express my support of this bill.  Here are the reasons that, over time, I have come to realize that the best use of Arizona resources is to pass this bill: 

1.  Every citizen of the United States has a right to free speech in most areas, but Arizona lawyers currently don’t have free speech rights with the state bar.  Lawyers are prosecuted for publicly disagreeing with judicial decisions.  To prosecute a lawyer for that disagreement is to impair the lawyer’s ability to practice law, to generate new legal precedent and this impairs their ability to serve the public.  To prosecute a lawyer’s free speech rights therefore actually harms the public the Arizona State Bar insists that it wants to serve.  The State Bar’s message is to go out and serve the public, but only to an extent. 

2.  I have recently learned in my research that 19 Other jurisdictions in the Country have voluntary bars.  That is nearly one-half the nation's state bars.  The ones that are involuntary do not prosecute lawyers as harshly.  Arizona prosecutes more harshly and proactively than any other.  I see my Arizona attorney contacts obtaining more out of state education and certifications and currently, electing not to invest in the Arizona legal community to the extent they could.  This is not an unwise investment.  Arizona may be business friendly, but Arizona is NOT attorney business friendly.  There is a major difference between the two.  Arizona attorneys deserve the same business friendly climate that Arizona offers other non-lawyer businesspeople.  

3.  The State Bar of Arizona is out of sync with the way the lawyers of today practice.  A recent article shows Arizona lawyers are working in spaces of 600 square feet or less.  Lawyers looking for space, however, will not lease from the State Bar’s plentiful EMPTY office space (which they fund with dues) because no lawyer wants to rent space next to the State Bar.  That would be like Jaws' next meal taking up residence next to Jaws.  The State Bar occupies a building with high vacancy rates while lawyers in Arizona work with less physical space.  Also, many State Bar attorney investigators have never practiced privately as a solo practitioner or small to mid-size firm lawyer in a successful law practice before joining the State Bar.  They don’t know how to balance the ethical rules against the everyday practicalities of running your own business.   Worse, State Bar executives consistently report higher pay than most small firm and solo Arizona attorneysThis enormous salary difference makes the State Bar totally out of touch with the very Bar members it most consistently prosecutes and investigates.  (see:

4.  No man can serve two masters and the State Bar believes it is the one exception.  The Arizona State Bar wants to serve the public with a secondary purpose of serving the members it seeks prosecute.  Its programs offered to assist lawyers are not insulated and many people who have worked for their attorney assistance program left and started their own ventures. State Bar services - if offered - are going unused, much like any other unused public service program. 

5. Like with any other important legislation, if this is passed, it will require some adjustment.  It may “need some re-working” as one legislator mentioned - but then so did Obamacare.  We had to pass the Obamacare bill to find out “what it says,” based on Nancy Pelosi’s explanation. 

When slavery ended, schools were de-segregated, women began voting, or wage laws were passed, things did not fall into place overnight.  In fact, today, there are still billboards on the I-10 interstate in Arizona alerting people to the possibility of human trafficking and slavery.  This adjustment is worth the brief discomfort and possibly temporary uneven application because it protects the members of the public who protect everyone else.  When police, doctors and politicians get into trouble, they turn to the absolute privilege of confiding in a lawyer.  Lawyers perform an enormous service to the public, and like any office, can run into personal and professional conflicts.  Lawyers too merit a place to turn and that place is not offered by the State Bar.  

6.  If the purpose of the State Bar is to "weed out the bad apples," there are far more effective weeding methods.  There are very, very few lawyers - just as there are very few people serving in politics and law enforcement or education - who went into their service because they wanted to have a lot of power and really use it to hurt people.  People who go into these fields with a lack of conscience are possibly sociopathic, but it doesn’t take a State Bar to weed them out.  A personality test or evaluations by professionals with consent of the applicant that are administered with the Character and Fitness examination can more effectively preempt.  Many lawyers got into their business because we wanted to effect changes.  Lawyers want to make a positive difference.
I have seen John Phelps's memo to the Asian Arizona State Bar Association.  Here are my responses to his concerns:

"It would grow state government – We believe 60-65 positions would have to transfer from the bar to the court to create a lawyer regulation department. That doesn’t include the cost of IT, HR and management support, along with the expense of housing, furniture, computers and software licensing plus putting those employees in the state retirement system. We’re also not convinced that the state could do it cheaper than the bar. The cost would likely simply be passed along to attorneys in the form of a licensing fee, but why make regulating attorneys more expensive?" 
My response:  The public is being served by lawyer regulation, so public tax dollars can be used toward this regulation.  IT, HR and other support can call on Arizona local businesses, pumping more dollars into our local economy.  The employees may or may not have to be in the State Retirement system.  Whether the state can do it cheaper than the bar is beside the point.  There are over six million people in Arizona.  In 2013 there were 24.46 lawyers per 10,000 residents in Arizona, or a total of 16,208 attorneys.  At $500 each in bar dues each year, that is $8,104,000.  With 6,626,624 people in Arizona, that is a $1.22 increase in taxes to regulate all those attorneys.  Did John Phelps even do his math?

"It’s a solution in search of a problem – During the Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Farnsworth called the bar political and dominated by large law firms. Because of US Supreme Court rulings, the bar does not take a stand on political issues. Currently our board has 30 members, of which two are from large firms. In fact, we have far more small and solo attorneys on our board. Rep. Farnsworth didn’t detail what he believes are our political activities. The reality is that we’re a lot more boring than people think."
Rep. Farnsworth is correct.  If the Bar is so boring, then how is it using a revenue of over $8,104,000 per year?  Why are more than eight executives being paid more than $100,000.00 at the State Bar?  They must be doing something more than being boring to earn those salaries.

"Will it improve consumer protection? – We’re concerned that moving this function to the state will create budget constraints that will ultimately lead to diminished efforts to protect the public."
Consumer protection can be improved by less restrictive measures.  Those measures include increased testing for applicants.  Moving the function to the state, assessing a tax increase of a mere $5.00 per Arizona resident, could actually quadruple the resources currently available for attorney regulation.
But the question comes back:  Is this even necessary?  Are attorneys, the people who give absolute privilege, so inherently bad that they have to essentially build their own coffins by paying for their own discipline?  Don't many more than not actually go through extensive schooling and contribute even more extensively to the economy while building careers of creating new ways for people to live, resolve problems and do business? 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Monday: Are Bans on 3D Gun Printing Constitutional?

Phoenix Federalist Society
& the University of Advancing Technology
are teaming up to bring you an engaging and in-depth discussion regarding the constitutionality of bans on 3D gun printing.  Law professor Josh Blackman believes that these bans violate both the First and Second Amendments, and will join us to discuss the issue.  FBI Special Agent Martin Hellmer will provide commentary from the perspective of federal law enforcement, and UAT faculty will also participate.  Following the speakers, there will be time for questions and the opportunity to see a 3D printing demonstration.
General admission is FREE and 1 credit of legal CLE* will be offered for $10.
UAT students: please select the UAT Student ticke;postID=5102704733104445441t when registering.
*For those selecting CLE, materials will be distributed via email prior to the event. 
The event will be held in the UAT Theater, just inside the South Entrance.  Please park in the East lot. Doors open at 4 PM.
Have questions about Are Bans on 3D Gun Printing Constitutional?? Contact Phoenix Federalist Society Lawyers' Chapter 

Monday, February 23, 2015

School Choice Metamorphoses From Vouchers to Savings Accounts

Students at Benchmark Preschool and Elementary School in Phoenix
If you haven’t paid close attention to the school choice movement over the past 10 years, you might not realize how much it has changed. Due to lawsuits and other limitations, innovators have figured out that tuition scholarships, also known as education savings accounts, are more effective than vouchers for giving families a choice of schools. The difference is parents are given much broader control over how to use the money. Instead of just transferring the public school money that would have been spent on a child to a few select schools, parents can choose to spend it in many ways, including for school books, tutoring, or P.E. at a traditional school.

Arizona is the leading state in the country for school choice. But a court in Arizona ruled that directing vouchers to religious (parochial) schools is unconstitutional. Undaunted, proponents of school choice found a way around it by setting up ESAs, where parents direct the money instead of the state. Now other states around the country are scrambling to pass similar legislation.

Last weekend, I attended a school choice conference in Phoenix put on by the Franklin Center. It is one small group taking on powerful teachers unions through the spread of knowledge. The establishment uses fear mongering and false information to retain the status quo. The threat that schools will run out of funding? That’s not accurate, The Goldwater Institute’s Education Director Jonathan Butcher explained at the conference. The establishment waits for an event that sort of looks like funding might have been cut, then sends out an alarming message. In reality, money for education in Arizona has never been cut and now takes up an incredible 45 percent of the state’s budget. Butcher contrasts it with the cost of Sears catalog products years ago versus today – unlike typical commodities, the cost of education has gone in the opposite direction and we now pay more for less.

Read the rest of the article at Townhall

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AZ legislative committee to hear bill on Wednesday to eliminate the mandatory State Bar in Arizona

You've all heard about the horrendous abuses committed by the State Bar of Arizona. It's finally time to do something about it. Only half of the states have a mandatory State Bar - why is conservative Arizona one of them? We are a right to work state, why are attorneys required to be a member of this attorneys union in order to practice law? It is run by left-wing lawyers who abuse their power and the mandatory dues of attorneys to target conservative attorneys and push through radical agendas. Conservative attorneys are terrified to get involved in politics or speak up out of fear of retaliation.

The Goldwater Institute has asked a federal court to strike down mandatory bar associations; a case was filed earlier this month over abuses by a State Bar, which I wrote about here, along with details about all the money the Arizona Bar has taken from its members, almost the highest in the country. 

Fortunately, several Arizona legislators have had enough of these abuses and are finally going to do something about it with HB2629. Membership in the State Bar would become optional, and the disciplinary function would be transferred back to the state Supreme Court.

Please attend the House Judiciary hearing Wednesday and sign up to testify. The State Bar with its deep pockets from members will no doubt have the meeting stacked with its representatives. This is the first big hurdle we need to get through, get the bill out of the Judiciary committee.

If you cannot attend, you can watch the proceedings live and call or email the members of the committee, below. Contact info for them is here. For more information, contact Citizens for Clean Courts at

Mr. Friese Mr. Kern Mr. Borrelli, Vice-Chairman Mr. Hale Mr. Mesnard Mr. Farnsworth E, Chairman


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The politicians want $30 BIL of your money for trains that operate in the red; nothing for police

The politicians want $30 BIL of
your money for trains


When you first elected me, you knew I would be your advocate on the phoenix city council exposing government waste and promoting fiscal responsibility. That has always meant being vigilant on issues that affect our wallets, our quality of life and our personal safety.

If there was ever a time to sound the alarm, it is now!

Shortly, Mayor Stanton and the Council will be taking $30 BILLION dollars of your hard earned money to pay for a massive public transportation system that is already operating in the red.

The reality is that it is too inefficient requiring taxpayers to fund about 80% of the system.  Yes, it only recovers about 20% while you and your family subsidize the rest! 

If we don't act to stop this now, the Mayor and a slim majority on the council will ramp up another slick political campaign to persuade you to spend $30 BILLION over the next three decades - spending not just paid for by you, but by your children and grandchildren!

In the days ahead, we need to prepare and mobilize against what will be the single most largest spending spree in Phoenix history! We must do everything we can as taxpayers to slow or even derail this runaway train from its tracks. 

Please call the Mayor and other members of the Council and ask them to reject the recommendation by the Citizen’s Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation. We simply cannot afford spending our money and our children's money on a system that is unsustainable.

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From my family to yours,

Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Council
District 6

Nine legislators sponsor HB2629 to reform the Arizona State Bar and make it voluntary

I am very excited to see this bill proposed in the Arizona state legislature finally, it has taken a lot of hard work to get it there by many principled patriots behind the scenes, and kudos to the state legislators who have already jumped onboard. I've been writing about State Bar abuses more and more lately, including covering the lawsuit filed last week by the Goldwater Institute against the North Dakota bar, which also requested the court declare that mandatory bar associations are unconstitutional. They are simply nothing more than unions for attorneys, controlled by the left, and here in Arizona mandatory unions violate the right to work in our state Constitution. Please consider getting involved to make sure this important legislation passes by contacting Citizens for Clean Courts at

Citizens for Clean Courts:
Please share this bill by Rep. Kern and contact your representatives and senators to  support.  There will be a big push back from the courts and state bar as their $13 million budget and control center is at stake.  Arizona is one of if not the only state with a right to work constitutional provision so the idea that the right to regulate the practice of law can trump that specific right when 20 other states have voluntary bars is unsupported. We believe the State Bar of Arizona is the force that has allowed corruption to exist and this is the first step in citizens taking back control.   Here is page for contact information.

Wes Harris:
Arizona has one of the most corrupt judicial systems in this entire country...not as bad as the DOJ but close.  Rep. Anthony Kern recognizes this and has introduced the attached bill that will cut out the Court's 'enforcer' known as the State Bar Association.  At present all lawyers are required to be a member of this Gild (union) which is illegal in Arizona as we are a right to work state.  Our state constitution provides that the State Supreme Court has the responsibility currently assigned by them to the State Bar...we want it back where it belongs so that all actions taken by the court regarding attorney sanctions will be public record.   Please tell you State Legislators to support this bill.

REFERENCE TITLE: supreme court; attorney licensing

State of Arizona
House of Representatives
Fifty-second Legislature
First Regular Session

HB 2629

Introduced by
Representatives Kern, Townsend, Senator Burges: Representatives Allen J, Finchem, Lawrence, Mitchell, Petersen, Senator Ward




Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:
Section 1.  Title 12, chapter 1, article 1, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 12-119.06, to read:
12-119.06.  Attorney licenses; rules

Monday, February 9, 2015

Goldwater Institute Sues: State Bars are Unconstitutional Mandatory Unions

State bars are acquiring a chilling reputation for misusing the dues of attorneys forced to join them, including using those dues to target conservative attorneys. Right-leaning attorneys are frequently disbarred and disciplined for actions completely unrelated to the practice of law, a gross overreach of power. Oddly, even though there is no realistic difference between state bars and unions, the former still exist in a mandatory capacity in over half the states - including right-to-work states.

Loaded with money confiscated from mandatory dues, these powerful unions are constantly expanding their reach and authority through political activism and lobbying. Controlled by Democrats, the money always goes to promote left-wing causes. Although the Arizona State Bar already had the third highest bar dues in the country, last year its board of governors voted to increase dues by another 13 percent, to $520 annually by 2019 – which doesn’t even include the cost of 15 hours of mandatory continuing legal education. Inactive attorneys are charged $265 annually, the highest in the nation and more than some active attorneys in other states.

Political activity by mandatory bars is illegal and violates the U.S. Constitution. In the 1990 Supreme Court case Keller v. State Bar of California, the court held that attorneys who are required to be members of a state bar have a First Amendment right to refrain from subsidizing the organization’s political activities. Incredibly, state bars have ignored the Keller decision, no doubt because not only do they have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal with members’ dues money to fight any challenges, but what attorneys dare to sue the bar that controls their fate as an attorney? 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

North Dakota Bar Sued by Goldwater Institute for Lobbying Against Shared Parenting Using Members’ Mandatory Dues

I'm excited to have had a very small role (networking) in this. The North Dakota State Bar used members' mandatory dues to lobby against a Shared Parenting initiative, which narrowly lost. Leading Women For Shared Parenting got involved and discovered the misappropriation, then the Goldwater Institute - thank you Clint Bolick and attorneys - sued the Bar yesterday. Just one more reason why State Bars should not be mandatory, they are controlled by leftists who abuse the system and target conservatives. This article from The Bismarck Tribune is priceless, as one of the folks from LW4SP noticed:
So the director of the ND Bar get served for, amongst other things, improper lobbying.
In the news coverage of his being served, he says he hasn't studied it yet, because he was served as he was at the Capitol bldg....
wait for it.....
My favorite line was:
"McDonald said the bar's decision to finance the opposition to Measure 6 was driven by the recommendation of bar members who specialize in family law "that this was an issue that would fundamentally affect the practice of family law in North Dakota."
THIS is supposed to be a justification for the spending of mandatory bar dues on the regulation of attorneys?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chairman Robert Graham Presents Awards to Outstanding Republicans

Annual Awards Dinner Brings Republicans Together
for Recognition and Honor of Grassroots Volunteers

Dan Grimm Receives Senator Barry Goldwater Award
Dan's hard work and dedication to all things Republican earned him the state party's top award this year. Dan's many years of volunteering for so many critical roles in the party (you can't get anywhere without credentials!) has earned him the well-deserved trust and respect of party members throughout Arizona. Congratulations!
Lolly Hathhorn Honored with Dodie Londen Award
Lolly has been headquartered in Payson but has been getting the job done throughout Gila County and the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Her enthusiasm and heritage as a half Cherokee helped her connect and have an immediate effect wherever she went. Whether it was managing the phone banks or recruiting volunteers, Lolly has been a pleasure to work with and is a great asset for us all going into the 2016 election cycle. Wonderful!
AZGOP Treasurer Earns Lifetime Achievement Award
Timothy has served eight years as AZGOP Treasurer and has done a highly professional job keeping the party's finances and campaign committee compliance on track. As a volunteer he's been a vital player in both the day-to-day and long-term needs of our state party, and everyone knows he's always willing and able to help. Marvelous!
Barry Wong Honored for Exceptional Dedication and Service
Barry's leadership of the party's Asian American Coalition brought together Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Taiwanese and Bangladeshi community leaders to help the party expand our reach, exposure and membership base. Barry's selflessness and skills are greatly appreciated and his experience as an elected Republican official has helped the party appeal to more and more voters. Excellent!
Politics on the Rocks Takes Home Cutting Edge Award
The Republican platform appeals to every generation, and the leaders at Politics on the Rocks are a big part of bringing young professionals into our party with well-attended events, prominent speakers, and lots of fun. Visit their website to find out about their latest events throughout Arizona. You guys are killing it!
Kathryn Hancock Awarded Outstanding County Party Worker
Kathryn worked at GOP voter registration booths at county fairs and other local events, always helping to get the Republican message out. She made phone calls and sent emails to update friends, family, neighbors and others about the importance of voting and getting involved in helping elect Republican candidates. Kathryn is a true patriot, and we are so happy to recognize her numerous contributions. Fantastic!

Pat O'Malley Lands Outstanding District Party Worker Award
Pat became treasurer of LD12 and has done a fabulous job keeping flawless records. He has not only made calls, walked his own precinct and collected petition signatures for our candidates, he walked in CD9 in both 2012 and 2014. He is well-known as a trusted mentor to new PC's in the district, and he's engaged, diligent, and respected. Outstanding!
Marcus Huey Secures Outstanding State Party Worker Award
This past year it seems Marcus was everywhere -- working day and night donating his time and money to help worthy candidates and causes, both state and local. Not only has Marcus been a leader, more importantly he is a doer! Marcus worked a gigantic numbers of hours, stuffing envelopes, delivering flyers, making phone calls, doing precinct walks, pounding signs and much more. Awesome!

Gila County GOP Garners Oustanding County Committee Award
Chairman Gary Morris accepted the award on behalf of the Gila County Republican Committee, which raised thousands of dollars to help to Republican candidates. GCRC implemented teleconferencing for volunteers, voter database training, door hangers, precinct walks and phone banks to prepare for the campaign season. GCRC also opened two headquarters in Globe and Payson, with the Globe office open year-round. Great job!
Legislative District 2 Bags Outstanding District Award
Democrats, and even some Republicans, were shocked to see a longstanding Democrat legislative seat get turned over to the GOP's Chris Ackerley despite significant voter registration disadvantage. Daniel Estrella came very close to winning, and that's why they are this year's best district. Special thanks to Chairman Sergio Arellano for his support, strategizing and delivering victory! Inspiring!

Katherine Bean Nabs Rookie of the Year Award
If there is a Republican activity, Katherine can be found in attendance supporting candidates, learning about issues, and often bringing others with her. She is an example of a new PC who dedicates time to learn her duties, asks good questions, and then puts into practice what she learns in order to be a more effective citizen and representative of her precinct and of LD26. Terrific!
Pebble Creek Republican Club Awarded State's Best Club
This is one amazing Republican club, with a 40 percent increase in membership over last year. Members enjoyed roundtables with candidates, a new website and updated social media communications, membership handbook, social and educational events with guest speakers, and club members even did charitable work to help 143 of Luke AFB's deployed troops. Magnificent!



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So I landed a position as senior editor of a new conservative news site

The Washington Examiner has the exclusive story about today's launch of the new site I am working for. Today happens to be the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, which has special meaning for the Catholics onboard, as St. Dominic started his order of friars to live out their religious life in the public square. The site will carry a wide variety of right-leaning thought, forging a consensus somewhat similar to the late WFB, my hero. It's been exciting to see all the people who have been brought onboard; I happened to pick up the November issue of National Review - and there was an article by one of our other senior editors, David Mills!
Evangelical religious broadcaster James Robison and Catholic author Jay Richards on Wednesday are unveiling the Stream, an online news site that promises to offer both syndicated contributions and original news analysis.
“There’s a problem in America for people on the Right because many of them are simply fragmented and don’t play well together,” Richards told the Washington Examiner media desk. “The Stream offers that cohesion. It’s a response to the fragmenting.”
Richards said, "The inspiration for the Stream actually started from a collaboration that I had with James Robison. We started collaborating in about 2010. We got together from different worlds: I’m a Catholic and I’ve been mostly in the think tank world, and he’s a popular former evangelist and [television] personality.”
Among Stream's current writers are Rachel Alexander, former editor of Western Shooting Journal, and reporter Tom Sileo, who is a five-year veteran of CNN and a syndicated columnist.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Obama Apologizes to the French for Choosing Football Over Anti-Terrorism March

Dear French personnes,

I’ve been deep in thought while drinking a Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino at Starbucks, and feel like I owe an apology to you people for ditching France last Sunday. I realize over 40 world leaders and as many as three million people walked in the France Unity March to show solidarity against the fatal terrorist attacks on the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. As you know, I’m the most powerful man in the world, and up until the country started to go downhill under my administration, the U.S. was the number one superpower. Little people have plenty of free time, big people have legacies to make.

Now, I did instruct a wealthy donor of mine who lives in France, Jane Hartley, to attend the march, does that count? She raised me an impressive $500,000 in 2012, so I made her an ambassador to France last fall. Some assistant secretary at the Department of State also showed up, I can’t recall her name, a low-level official. John Kerry was in India giving an important speech on manmade global warming -er, climate change is what we’re calling it now - but gimme some credit, I did send him to France after the march because he appears kinda French. Eric Holder was already in France for a counterterrorism summit, but he bungled my instructions to attend the march - I think he got distracted by a race riot on the way there. Joe Biden was too busy cleaning his shotgun.

You gotta realize, there are some important criteria I consider when choosing my world vacations -er, travel. Do Michelle and the kids want to visit there? Right now, they are burnt out on France. I’ve taken five trips to France so far as president, more visits there than to any country except Mexico. Once you’ve been golfing at Morfontaine a few times, it gets kinda old. Currently, the “Beyonce gang,” as I call my three girls, are pressuring me for a trip to the Bahamas. Isn’t there some need for intervention in Nassau due to pirate attacks?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Was Thayer Verschoor Thinking?

Former state lawmaker Thayer Verschoor’s recent editorial on the Salt River Project’s proposed tax on rooftop solar customers is long on hyperbole and short on facts.

Nowhere does he mention that SRP wants to impose a $50 tax on rooftop solar customers. That’s a pretty big deal.

Instead his editorial reads more like a love letter to a monopoly that wants to kill off competition.

Verschoor also trots out the same talking points used by utility monopolies to bash solar.

Vershoor won’t come out and say he supports the proposed SRP solar tax because that would be inconsistent with the conservative principles he has claimed to support over the years.

Verschoor doesn’t mention that SRP is trying to impose a tax on rooftop solar in order to force competitors out of business. That would not be consistent with free market principles Verschoor once claimed to embrace.

Verschoor talks solar subsidies yet fails to note they no longer exist in Arizona while his utility friends continue to receive subsidies at all levels of government.

Instead Vershcoor twists conservative principles to make an argument for a tax hike that would damage a thriving sector of the Arizona economy.

Whether Verschoor likes it or not those omissions speak volumes. They point to a politician turned lobbyist who would ignore the facts in order to support a tax. They point to someone who says one thing and does another. They point to a conservative who has either lost his or never really believed in free markets and cutting taxes.

Verschoor concludes his editorial by twisting the words of Senator Barry Goldwater in order to support a tax hike.

Here is another Goldwater quote for Mr. Verschoor to consider, “I won't say that the papers misquote me, but I sometimes wonder where Christianity would be today if some of those reporters had been Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.”

Arizona Republicans lose 32,800 voters in last two years; drop to 2nd place behind Independents for first time

This is not good. We've got to spend more time getting out the vote (GOTV = both voter registration and voting day) and less time attending meetings and preaching to the choir. From MCRC Briefs -

·       A Two Year Decline In Arizona Republican Voter Registrations is revealed in the Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Records for the 2014 Election Cycle (Jan 2013 - Nov 2014):  Comparing the January 2013 Total Republican Registration numbers (1,147,543) to the November 2014 Republican Registration numbers (1,114,743)  shows the loss of  32,800 Republican voters over the past two years.  

·       Republican Registration Has Dropped To Second Place -- below the Independents -- for the first time in state history. This two-year decline in the AZGOP voter registration  is not a good sign –considering the glowing reports we were getting last summer about the number of doors the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) teams were knocking on all across the state. Obviously we are losing ground instead of gaining registered Republicans.  If Arizona is to remain a ‘Red State,’ the AZGOP State Committeemen must select strong, aggressive leaders next Saturday - who are willing to roll up their sleeves and “get ‘er done” as we move toward the 2016 elections.  – FT

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New AZ AG Brnovich on Fox News: "Amnesty will cost Arizona billions" [VIDEO]

Monday, January 12, 2015

Phoenix Fed Soc's Annual Lawyer-Student Mixer (Jan 23, 2015)

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:
Friday, January 23, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (MST)
*** Location Near Central Phoenix -- Details Received Upon RSVP***

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divider Please join us for Phoenix Federalist Society's Annual Lawyer-Student Mixer -- featuring Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich! This event is a great opportunity to connect with fellow Federalist Society members and discuss important Constitutional issues affecting the legal order of our state and country today.  We hope to see you there!

Phoenix Federalist Society Lawyers' Chapter

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