Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And in the spirit of the holiday season....

AZ Latino GOP responds to proposed DREAM Act legislation

Phoenix, AZ - Few issues in politics provide an opportunity for almost all parties interested to agree. Such is the case with the military service clause of the dream act. It is unthinkable that we, as a nation of immigrants, would not extend full citizenship to any and all qualified foreign nationals who honorably serve in any branch of the U.S. armed forces. There is no greater demonstration of fealty and genuine patriotism than risking your life in the service of your country. However, it is also unthinkable to equate honorable service in our country’s military to successfully graduating from a university. The latter is an endeavor, however noble it might seem, purely rooted in self improvement which yields no predisposition of loyalty to this country or its laws.

Therefore, it would seem that coupling these two criteria as conditions of receiving citizenship or legal status of any kind is just one more gimmick attempting to pull at the heart strings of congress while trying to legitimize a criminal act (illegal presence in the United States). Proponents of the dream act, as written in the current senate bill, would do well to honor the service of all that serve in the armed forces of our country and drop the gimmick of those who want one more way pay to get around the law.

It is a disservice to our international students who put forth the effort to come to the United States through legal channels for their education and pay out of country tuition while those here illegally get a free ride. If we are to remain a nation of laws we should not reward or encourage illegal status as access to our institutions of higher learning.

Contact: Arizona Latino Republican Association
Jesse Hernandez, Chairman <>   (602) 549-9296

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How our state government technology agency keeps hackers out

Great interview in the Capitol Times with the Governor's Information Technology Director Chad Kirkpatrick and Jim Ryan, GITA's chief information security officer. Some excerpts - 

GITA’s function may not be in the news often, but Kirkpatrick says that’s because what would make news – Social Security numbers stolen, for example – hasn’t happened because the agency has set policies, standards and procedures to establish the tightest possible security controls for every state office to use.

Kirkpatrick says prevention is most effective when security agents think like criminals. The most-feared hackers work in cells comprised of a handful of people, and only their leader knows who is in the next cell up in the chain.

GITA has never had to shut down an agency’s system. In the past year, though, he says, there were three times when his technical staff came close — within five minutes — to having to do so.
Kirkpatrick says GITA hires a third-party to try to penetrate state agency computer systems to find areas of weakness. So far, no major incidents have been reported, but what he called “one big thing” happened in the summer of 2009, when the Conficker virus threatened computers worldwide.
Kirkpatrick likened his agency, which has redesigned 94 websites belonging to state entities, to a high school hall monitor.
“We make sure people are doing what they’re supposed to do,” Kirkpatrick says.
Even so, he says, “There is a definite spike in these attacks. The growth is exponential. As you have a more technology-savvy population in the world, the ability to transfer funds, other types of cyber-crimes, the rewards of cyber-attacks grow higher, which draws more people into it.” 

The rest of the article is subscription-only

Goldwater Institute: AZ Lawmakers Have 100 Things to be Thankful For

Goldwater Institute continues tradition of 100 Ideas for 100 Days 

PHOENIX – As members of Arizona’s 50th Legislature prepare for their first session in January 2011, the Goldwater Institute offers an abundance of recommendations to save money, improve education and advance freedom in our state with 100 Ideas for 100 Days.
“The answer to the riddle of Arizona’s budget deficit is getting government to focus on core functions,” said Darcy Olsen, president and CEO of the Goldwater Institute.
All year long, Goldwater Institute policy analysts identify and research practical solutions to problems facing Arizona. 100 Ideas for 100 Days brings these solutions together in one publication that lawmakers can keep at their desks and refer to often. The public can gauge the Legislature’s success next year by watching to see how many of these 100 Ideas become law.
Topics in 100 Ideas for 100 Days are organized by the traditional names of legislative committees. Ideas that would help to reduce excessive spending are noted with a Money $aver sign. Every suggestion in 100 Ideas can be enacted independently of the others.
The ideas mentioned include:
• No. 13. Create a system of state contributions to Education Savings Accounts for special needs and foster care students.
• No. 35. Pass a resolution calling on Congress to convene a convention for proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would require approval from a majority of the states to increase the federal debt.
• No. 44. Ask voters to approve a state constitutional amendment giving the Treasurer authority to certify budgets as balanced.
Each of the 100 ideas provides a link to more information about the idea or contact information for a Goldwater Institute analyst who can provide additional details.
The Goldwater Institute has been publishing 100 Ideas for 100 Days each year since 2006. Dozens of past ideas have been introduced as bills and signed into law, including suggestions to make government more transparent, to expand school choice options, and to protect private property.
Click here to read 100 Ideas for 100 Days. The Goldwater Institute is an independent government watchdog that develops innovative, principled solutions to issues facing the states and whose work is made possible by the generosity of its supporters.

Click here to read the online version of this news release.

Former NRA Lobbyist Todd Rathner Opens New Arizona Lobbying Firm

Tucson, Arizona - Todd Rathner, a current member of the National Rifle Association Board of Directors and a former lobbyist for the organization, has opened a new lobbying firm in Arizona. Rathner and Associates is a full service lobbying and political consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with the best access, information and experience in the political arena.

“I intend to use the skills and relationships I developed as a lobbyist and activist for the NRA over the past 12 years to assist my clients in accomplishing their public policy goals, whether they want to pass good bills or stop bad ones,” said Rathner.
Rathner has been a force at the Arizona capitol over the years, first as an activist then as a full time lobbyist. He was involved in some of the toughest battles the legislature has seen including the recent fight to enact the NRA’s “parking lot” law which Rathner guided to success. Other than self defense related laws Rathner has experience in passing laws relating to taxes, public land use at both the state and federal level, wildlife issues, and has worked on issues related to international travel for United States citizens.

“Rathner and Associates will focus on numerous areas but will primarily deal with helping companies to improve the business environment in Arizona, assisting organizations to advance individual rights and to generally improve Arizona’s already desirable lifestyle”, Rathner added.

Rathner was instrumental in passing many of Arizona’s pro-gun laws but also has extensive experience working with groups typically not thought to be allies of the NRA. He has collaborated with numerous conservation organizations such as the Sky Island Alliance and others to achieve mutual goals such as preserving wild areas for hunting as well as other outdoor activities.

Rathner currently represents a number of organizations including Knife Rights Inc., and the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association. 

Contact:  Todd J. Rathner 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tonight on our KKNT Alexander & Goldman Show: the TSA's out-of-control security patdowns and scans, medical marijuana & more

Tonight on our KKNT Alexander and Goldman Show we will be discussing the differences between medical marijuana and marinol with a doctor, the outrageous TSA security scans, and more. Listen live at Call-in number is 602.508.0960.

Friday, November 19, 2010

AFP: Don’t touch my junk! Protest out-of-control government bureaucracy.

Dear Arizona Taxpayer,

Please join members of AFP Arizona and ASU Students for Liberty at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport this Wednesday, November 24, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm for the National Opt Out Day protest against the use of intrusive body-scanning technology by the TSA (“Thousands Standing Around”).  We will have AFP/SFL “Don’t touch my junk!” t-shirts available.  (Protest details at the bottom of this email.)

TSA is a microcosm of the gigantic, costly, incompetent and obnoxious federal bureaucracy.  Despite creating long lines and subjecting many travelers to strip searches, the TSA failed to catch the Underwear Bomber last year.  And now, the TSA is subjecting travelers to invasive body scans and physical pat-downs--methods that still would have failed to catch the Underwear Bomber.

Charles Krauthammer has a great take on the wider message of Wednesday’s protests:  “Don’t touch my junk is the anthem of the modern man, the ‘tea party’ patriot, the late-life libertarian, the midterm election voter.  Don’t touch my junk, ObamaCare – get out of my doctor’s examining room, I’m wearing a paper-thin gown slit down the back.”

Here is a link to the Krauthammer op-ed:

Here are the solutions AFP Arizona is advocating:

1)  Phoenix Sky Harbor should fire TSA. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor should contract with private companies for airport security.  Airports are currently allowed to opt out of using TSA personnel, as long as they comply with TSA regulations.  That's a step in the right direction.  Private contractors are generally more sensitive to customer demands than government workers are.  TSA workers are often bossy and surly—traits that don’t fly (so to speak) in the private sector.  Private companies have successfully conducted airport security at San Francisco International Airport for several years now. 

2)  The U.S. should privatize airport security.

Contracting with private companies is a good first step.  But what we really need is vigorous competition among security methods, so that firms can discover and use the methods that provide the most security with the least harassment of customers.  Instead of relying on TSA and top-down government harassment to supposedly provide “security,” Congress should turn over security provision to airlines and airports, and then use a much smaller airline security agency, with undercover government agents, to attempt to infiltrate private airport security systems.  The agency could then publish regular reports on which airports and airlines have the best (and worst) records of preventing infiltration by TSA agents.  It would be up to flyers to decide whether or not to use airlines or airports with low security ratings.  In cases of gross security negligence, the agency could temporarily shut down airports if they pose threats to the wider public.  Under a mostly private system of airport security, airports and airlines would compete to provide the best security system, and to do so in ways that are most customer-friendly.

Sky Harbor Protest Details

The demonstration will take place at Terminal 4 (appropriately, it’s the Barry M. Goldwater terminal!), outside on the curb where departures are dropped off.  We will be there from about 1:00 to 6:00 pm on Wednesday.  Feel free to show up at any time.

The ASU Students for Liberty protesters will gather at Hayden Lawn at noon, and will take light rail over to the airport (to avoid parking hassles on a busy travel day). 

SFL organizer Jewel Loree will be having a sign-making party at her house on Sunday afternoon. If you are interested in coming to that, call or text her at 425.232.0080, or email her at for more details.  If you can, please bring your own sign-making materials, or be ready to donate a few bucks to SFL’s sign-making fund.

Thanks to Jewel’s communications with the Phoenix Police Department, we have some helpful suggestions for our protesters:

--The entire airport is Phoenix PD domain except for the security checkpoints, which are TSA territory.  Phoenix PD will support our right to demonstrate as long as we keep it peaceful and lawful.

--In order to ensure that we aren’t too disruptive, we have been advised to stay at least 10 feet away from ticket counters, stairs/elevators/escalators, and the security checkpoint.

--Sky Harbor has policies against solicitation.  To lawfully hand out literature, they want three days’ notice and permits, so be advised that your ability to hand out pamphlets may be limited.

--We are doing this as an educational campaign to inform people of TSA’s abuses of our liberty.  We are not going there to start a riot or to scare people.  Our fight is with the TSA, and with Sky Harbor’s use of TSA, not with the Phoenix Police.  

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

Ron Paul speaking tonight to Politics on the Rocks

Politics on the Rocks and the Campaign for Liberty are proud to present Congressman Ron Paul at the Phoenician Resort on Friday, November 19th 6:00 PM in the Camelback Ballroom. Come network with like-minded individuals and hear directly from Congressman Ron Paul. Barry Goldwater Jr. will be the opening speaker at this free event. This event is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. Feel free to invite your friend…s, co-workers, family members, and fellow networkers. Please RSVP as we expect this to be our biggest events of the year. We would like to thank our marketing partner Scottsdale Nights for all of their help.
There will also be a optional private VIP meet and greet with Congressman Ron Paul hosted by the Campaign for Liberty held prior to general free event. Cocktails and hors deurves will be served. Get a chance to take a picture and speak with Congressman Ron Paul. Please click on this link to buy tickets for the optional private VIP reception:
Congressman Ron Paul of Texas enjoys a national reputation as the premier advocate for liberty in politics today. Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency. He is known among both his colleagues in Congress and his constituents for his consistent voting record in the House of Representatives: Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the “one exception to the Gang of 535″ on Capitol Hill.
The Campaign for Liberty’s mission is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity. Check their website:
The Phoenician is ranked as one of the top resorts in the world. This is event is one of the first to be hosted in this brand new ballroom. Click on this link to get a sneak peak of the Camelback Ballroom at the Phoenician:
We look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 19th 6:00 PM at the Phoenician Resort “Camelback Ballroom” in Scottsdale. 6000 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale, AZ
Happy Birthday Charles Jensen
RSVP: Gem Ray – – 480.772.7613

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Center for Arizona Policy hiring a legislative coordinator

Click to enlarge

Randy Pullen tweets that he will not seek reelection to AZGOP chair

From the Tucson Weekly -

Republican Party State Chairman Randy Pullen has tweeted that he won't seek another term after losing his bid for a state committeeman slot last night:

I will not seek reelection as AZGOP Chairman on January 22nd. It has been an honor to serve these past four years as Chairman . God bless.
Pullen wasn't necessarily out of the running after his loss last night. A GOP source tells us he could have called out another state committeeman at a county party convention and challenged him to a battle for the slot, not unlike some kind of Vulcan ritual combat. But I guess we won't see that.

Alexander and Goldman KKNT show from Saturday: medical marijuana, Dodd/Frank finance reform bill, more

Last Saturday night on The Alexander-Goldman Show, we discussed why Prop. 203, the medical marijuana bill, ended up passing in Arizona, how awful the Chris Dodd/Barney Frank financial reform bill is, the entrepreneurial gender gap, and ridiculous lawsuits. Listen here.

Goldwater Institute weekly update: Asks court to overturn Obamacare, more

The Goldwater Institute has requested an injunction to block a provision of the federal health care law that prevents Congress from repealing a new agency that would control health care payments. A preliminary injunction is needed so Congress can consider revoking the Independent Payment Advisory Board before the agency has been established. Read more here.

Broad-based sales tax can safely replace income tax that holds back economy
If Arizona were to decide to scrap the income tax, what should replace the $2.2 billion in revenues that the state receives each year? The answer requires a clear understanding of the role of income taxes in our economy. Read more here.
Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance has published a new report on the Arizona tuition scholarship tax credit. The report does a great deal to answer the misleading claims of some of the program’s critics. Read more here.
Need national debt relief?
Thomas Jefferson worried that one thing missing from the newly minted Constitution was some kind of limit on federal debt. Fortunately, President Jefferson’s wish can be a reality through the use of Article V. Read more here.
From Other Pens
A Path Toward Overturning the Health Law- Reason
Congressional Republicans hoping to pare back the health care law between now and 2012 are going to face a lot of challenges. Peter Suderman writes that the most effective and practical way to contain the law between now and 2012 will be to go after single sections of the bill. Read more here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rose and Allyn PR hiring Account Manager & Admin. Asst.

Rise With Rose . . . Moser . . . Allyn

Job Opportunities With Premier Arizona Public Relations Company
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA.  NOVEMBER 16, 2010.  Check us out.  And decide if you have what it takes to join “Arizona’s Public Relations Heavyweight.” 
The job market sucks.  We don’t.  And we’re now seeking applications for two positions to help with our deep, diverse and growing list of public relations, public affairs, crisis communications and elections clients. 
Available positions include:
*Account Manager:  Have a seat at the table and help run the show for some of the coolest clients in town. 
*Administrative Assistant/Account Coordinator:  Always wanted to get in the PR biz?  Here’s your chance to get your foot in the door.  Learn the ropes.  Learn what working hard is all about. 
Please send applications to or

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tonight on our KKNT Alexander & Goldman Show: medical marijuana, Dodd-Frank bill & entrepreneur gender gap

Tonight on our KKNT Alexander and Goldman Show we will be discussing Prop. 203, medical marijuana, which looks like it will get enough votes to pass in Arizona, the Chris Dodd/Barney Frank financial legislation, and the gender gap among entrepreneurs. Mark and I disagree on plenty here! Hopefully we'll get to some other topics as well. Listen live at Call-in number is 602.508.0960.

Friday, November 12, 2010

CAP: Judicial activism, Jim DeMint & uniting conservatives, child prostitution & Congressman Spencer Bachus' offensive remarks

November 12, 2010

Holding Them Accountable 
Hugh Hewitt dedicated an entire show this week to Congressman Spencer Bachus' disparaging comments about the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Hugh noted that ten years ago, Congressman Bachus' comments would have gone unnoticed. Now, thanks to the rise of social media, people are no longer dependent on the mainstream media for information about what is going on in government; they are empowered to access it themselves. Our newly elected officials have a responsibility to represent our values at all levels of government. It's our job to hold them accountable to the promises they made. November 2 was only the beginning of this movement towards the foundational values that make Arizona and America great.

A Night of Celebration
CAP's Family Forecast with Hugh Hewitt and Congressman TrentHewitt at Podium Franks last night was like a pep rally for celebrating election victories and rooting for real change to happen in our land. I was blessed by the amazing turnout of friends and supporters who came to see Hugh Hewitt, Congressman Trent Franks and Congressmen-elect Paul Gosar, Ben Quayle, and David Schwiekert analyze the election and discuss the future of our country. If you missed it, we'll be posting pictures from the event to our Facebook page today, and we'll have the video available soon.

885 Arrested in Child Prostitution Sweep
There's good news this week in the fight against child prostitution. Nationally, 885 adults were arrested for engaging in child prostitution. Passing tough penalties for those who engage in child prostitution, though, is only part of the battle to rescue children enslaved in these child prostitution rings. Continue to pray and support the work of Streetlight Phoenix to provide shelter and healing to meet the overwhelming needs of these young girls.

Uniting Conservatives
U.S. Senator Jim DeMint deserves credit for the election of many pro-life and pro-family leaders to the U.S. Congress this election. One of my favorite senators, Sen. DeMint gave one of the best talks at the Values Voters Summit in September. He is solid on the issues that matter to families and is not afraid to stand up for truth. Lately though, he's been getting attacked from some on the right for his statement that you can't be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative. Senator DeMint is emphasizing a very serious point here. As we look to address the pressing issues facing our country, fiscal, and social conservatives need to be united. I think Hugh put it perfectly last night when he said that the economic issues must be addressed, but in order to create enduring cultural transformation, we must address social issues together.

"If They Act Like Politicians, They Should Be Voted Out Like Politicians"
Be sure and read Thomas Sowell's piece I posted to my Facebook account from the National Review about judicial activism. Sowell accurately dissects Iowans defeating three judges on the retention ballot because the judges were legislating from the bench. In comparing the arrogance of judges to the arrogance of politicians, Sowell writes that "the time is long overdue to stop treating judges like sacred cows, especially when they have so much bull."

New House committees and leadership announced

Good to see all the conservatives put in charge of committees.

50th Legislature Statutory Committees

Legislative Council

Rep. Adams, Chairman                         Rep. Campbell
Rep. Tobin                                                       Rep. Farley
Rep. Lesko                                                      Rep. Hale
Rep. Montenegro

Joint Legislative Audit Committee

Rep. Seel, Chairman                                         Rep. Tovar
Rep. Olson                                                       Rep. Meyer     
Rep. Robson
Rep. Adams, (ex-officio)

Joint Legislative Budget Committee

Rep. Kavanagh, Chairman                                Rep. Heinz
Rep. Harper                                                     Rep. Tovar
Rep. Tobin                                                       Rep. Alston
Rep. Fillmore
Rep. Jones

Joint Committee on Capital Review

Rep. Kavanagh, Chairman                                Rep. Heinz
Rep. Tobin                                                       Rep. Tovar
Rep. Court                                                       Rep. Alston
Rep. McLain

Ethics Committee

Rep. Vogt, Chairman                                        Rep. Farley
Rep. Farnsworth                                               Rep. McCune Davis
Rep. Judd

Library, Archives and Public Records Board

Rep. Adams, Chairman                         Rep. Pancrazi

50th Legislature Standing Committee Assignments 

Monday AfternoonTuesday Morning 

Banking & InsuranceRules 

Rep. McLain – Chair Rep. Weiers, Jerry - Chair 
Rep. Dial – Vice Chair Rep. Tobin – Vice Chair 
Rep. McCune DavisRep. Adams 
Rep. R. MirandaRep. Campbell 
Rep. Seel Rep. Heinz 
Rep. SmithRep. Lesko 
Rep. WilliamsRep. R. Miranda 
Rep. Montenegro 
Rep. Robson 
Energy & Natural Resources 
Tuesday Afternoon 
Rep. Pratt – Chair 
Rep. McGee – Vice ChairEnvironment 
Rep. Barton  
Rep. Fann Rep. Reeve - Chair 
Rep. Judd Rep. Fann – Vice Chair 
Rep. PattersonRep. Ableser 
Rep. ReeveRep. Alston 
Rep. SaldateRep. Carter 
Rep. WheelerRep. Crandall 
Rep. Pratt 
Ways & Means 

Rep. Harper - ChairGovernment 
Rep. Vogt – Vice Chair 
Rep. ChabinRep. Burges - Chair 
Rep. FarleyRep. Urie – Vice Chair     Rep. GallegoRep. Arrendondo 
Rep. GrayRep. Forese 
Rep. LeskoRep. Gowan 
Rep. MesnardRep. Hobbs 
Rep. OlsonRep. Meyer 
Rep. Montenegro 
EducationRep. Ugenti 

Rep. Goodale – ChairEmployment & Regulatory Affairs 
Rep. Yee – Vice Chair 
Rep. Carter Rep. Robson - Chair 
Rep. CourtRep. Olson – Vice Chair 
Rep. CrandallRep. Farnsworth 
Rep. FillmoreRep. Fillmore 
Rep. MeyerRep. Gonzales 
Rep. PancraziRep. Kavanagh 
Rep. ProudRep. Pancrazi 
Rep. TovarRep. Patterson 
Rep. Yee 

Wednesday MorningWednesday Afternoon 

Military Affairs & Public SafetyAppropriations 

Rep. Gowan – ChairRep. Kavanagh - Chair 
Rep. Proud – Vice ChairRep. Court – Vice Chair 
Rep. DialRep. Alston 
Rep. GallegoRep. Campbell 
Rep. HaleRep. Fillmore 
Rep. HarperRep. Forese 
Rep. R. MirandaRep. Heinz 
Rep. SmithRep. Jones 
Rep. StevensRep. McLain 
Rep. Olson  
Higher Education, Innovation &Rep. Tovar 
ReformRep. Ugenti 
Rep. Williams 
Rep. Court - Chair 
Rep. Forese - Vice ChairThursday Afternoon 
Rep. Arrendondo 
Rep. ChabinAgriculture & Water 
Rep. Goodale 
Rep. MontenegroRep. Jones - Chair 
Rep. ReeveRep. Crandall – Vice Chair 
Rep. SaldateRep. Arrendondo 
Rep. VogtRep. Barton 
Rep. Judd 
Health& Human ServicesRep. McGee 
Rep. C. Miranda     Rep. Ash - ChairRep. Pancrazi 
Rep. Carter – Vice ChairRep. Urie 
Rep. Ableser 
Rep. BartonTransportation 
Rep. Gonzales 
Rep. HobbsRep. Williams - Chair 
Rep. JuddRep. Gray – Vice Chair 
Rep. McGeeRep. Burges 
Rep. YeeRep. Fann 
Rep. Farley 
CommerceRep. Meyer 
Rep. Weiers, Jerry 
Rep. Weiers, James – Chair 
Rep. Mesnard – Vice Chair 
Rep. Alston 
Rep. Gray 
Rep. McCune Davis 
Rep. C. Miranda 
Rep. Pratt 
Rep. Robson 

Thursday Afternoon (Cont.) 


Rep. Farnsworth – Chair 
Rep. Smith – Vice Chair 
Rep. Ash 
Rep. Chabin 
Rep. Goodale 
Rep. Hale 
Rep. Harper 
Rep. Tovar 
Rep. Vogt 

Technology & Infrastructure 

Rep. Stevens – Chair 
Rep. Ugenti – Vice Chair 
Rep. Ableser 
Rep. Dial 
Rep. Proud 
Rep. Seel 
Rep. Wheeler