Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Former NRA Lobbyist Todd Rathner Opens New Arizona Lobbying Firm

Tucson, Arizona - Todd Rathner, a current member of the National Rifle Association Board of Directors and a former lobbyist for the organization, has opened a new lobbying firm in Arizona. Rathner and Associates is a full service lobbying and political consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with the best access, information and experience in the political arena.

“I intend to use the skills and relationships I developed as a lobbyist and activist for the NRA over the past 12 years to assist my clients in accomplishing their public policy goals, whether they want to pass good bills or stop bad ones,” said Rathner.
Rathner has been a force at the Arizona capitol over the years, first as an activist then as a full time lobbyist. He was involved in some of the toughest battles the legislature has seen including the recent fight to enact the NRA’s “parking lot” law which Rathner guided to success. Other than self defense related laws Rathner has experience in passing laws relating to taxes, public land use at both the state and federal level, wildlife issues, and has worked on issues related to international travel for United States citizens.

“Rathner and Associates will focus on numerous areas but will primarily deal with helping companies to improve the business environment in Arizona, assisting organizations to advance individual rights and to generally improve Arizona’s already desirable lifestyle”, Rathner added.

Rathner was instrumental in passing many of Arizona’s pro-gun laws but also has extensive experience working with groups typically not thought to be allies of the NRA. He has collaborated with numerous conservation organizations such as the Sky Island Alliance and others to achieve mutual goals such as preserving wild areas for hunting as well as other outdoor activities.

Rathner currently represents a number of organizations including Knife Rights Inc., and the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association. 

Contact:  Todd J. Rathner 

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