Friday, November 12, 2010

New House committees and leadership announced

Good to see all the conservatives put in charge of committees.

50th Legislature Statutory Committees

Legislative Council

Rep. Adams, Chairman                         Rep. Campbell
Rep. Tobin                                                       Rep. Farley
Rep. Lesko                                                      Rep. Hale
Rep. Montenegro

Joint Legislative Audit Committee

Rep. Seel, Chairman                                         Rep. Tovar
Rep. Olson                                                       Rep. Meyer     
Rep. Robson
Rep. Adams, (ex-officio)

Joint Legislative Budget Committee

Rep. Kavanagh, Chairman                                Rep. Heinz
Rep. Harper                                                     Rep. Tovar
Rep. Tobin                                                       Rep. Alston
Rep. Fillmore
Rep. Jones

Joint Committee on Capital Review

Rep. Kavanagh, Chairman                                Rep. Heinz
Rep. Tobin                                                       Rep. Tovar
Rep. Court                                                       Rep. Alston
Rep. McLain

Ethics Committee

Rep. Vogt, Chairman                                        Rep. Farley
Rep. Farnsworth                                               Rep. McCune Davis
Rep. Judd

Library, Archives and Public Records Board

Rep. Adams, Chairman                         Rep. Pancrazi

50th Legislature Standing Committee Assignments 

Monday AfternoonTuesday Morning 

Banking & InsuranceRules 

Rep. McLain – Chair Rep. Weiers, Jerry - Chair 
Rep. Dial – Vice Chair Rep. Tobin – Vice Chair 
Rep. McCune DavisRep. Adams 
Rep. R. MirandaRep. Campbell 
Rep. Seel Rep. Heinz 
Rep. SmithRep. Lesko 
Rep. WilliamsRep. R. Miranda 
Rep. Montenegro 
Rep. Robson 
Energy & Natural Resources 
Tuesday Afternoon 
Rep. Pratt – Chair 
Rep. McGee – Vice ChairEnvironment 
Rep. Barton  
Rep. Fann Rep. Reeve - Chair 
Rep. Judd Rep. Fann – Vice Chair 
Rep. PattersonRep. Ableser 
Rep. ReeveRep. Alston 
Rep. SaldateRep. Carter 
Rep. WheelerRep. Crandall 
Rep. Pratt 
Ways & Means 

Rep. Harper - ChairGovernment 
Rep. Vogt – Vice Chair 
Rep. ChabinRep. Burges - Chair 
Rep. FarleyRep. Urie – Vice Chair     Rep. GallegoRep. Arrendondo 
Rep. GrayRep. Forese 
Rep. LeskoRep. Gowan 
Rep. MesnardRep. Hobbs 
Rep. OlsonRep. Meyer 
Rep. Montenegro 
EducationRep. Ugenti 

Rep. Goodale – ChairEmployment & Regulatory Affairs 
Rep. Yee – Vice Chair 
Rep. Carter Rep. Robson - Chair 
Rep. CourtRep. Olson – Vice Chair 
Rep. CrandallRep. Farnsworth 
Rep. FillmoreRep. Fillmore 
Rep. MeyerRep. Gonzales 
Rep. PancraziRep. Kavanagh 
Rep. ProudRep. Pancrazi 
Rep. TovarRep. Patterson 
Rep. Yee 

Wednesday MorningWednesday Afternoon 

Military Affairs & Public SafetyAppropriations 

Rep. Gowan – ChairRep. Kavanagh - Chair 
Rep. Proud – Vice ChairRep. Court – Vice Chair 
Rep. DialRep. Alston 
Rep. GallegoRep. Campbell 
Rep. HaleRep. Fillmore 
Rep. HarperRep. Forese 
Rep. R. MirandaRep. Heinz 
Rep. SmithRep. Jones 
Rep. StevensRep. McLain 
Rep. Olson  
Higher Education, Innovation &Rep. Tovar 
ReformRep. Ugenti 
Rep. Williams 
Rep. Court - Chair 
Rep. Forese - Vice ChairThursday Afternoon 
Rep. Arrendondo 
Rep. ChabinAgriculture & Water 
Rep. Goodale 
Rep. MontenegroRep. Jones - Chair 
Rep. ReeveRep. Crandall – Vice Chair 
Rep. SaldateRep. Arrendondo 
Rep. VogtRep. Barton 
Rep. Judd 
Health& Human ServicesRep. McGee 
Rep. C. Miranda     Rep. Ash - ChairRep. Pancrazi 
Rep. Carter – Vice ChairRep. Urie 
Rep. Ableser 
Rep. BartonTransportation 
Rep. Gonzales 
Rep. HobbsRep. Williams - Chair 
Rep. JuddRep. Gray – Vice Chair 
Rep. McGeeRep. Burges 
Rep. YeeRep. Fann 
Rep. Farley 
CommerceRep. Meyer 
Rep. Weiers, Jerry 
Rep. Weiers, James – Chair 
Rep. Mesnard – Vice Chair 
Rep. Alston 
Rep. Gray 
Rep. McCune Davis 
Rep. C. Miranda 
Rep. Pratt 
Rep. Robson 

Thursday Afternoon (Cont.) 


Rep. Farnsworth – Chair 
Rep. Smith – Vice Chair 
Rep. Ash 
Rep. Chabin 
Rep. Goodale 
Rep. Hale 
Rep. Harper 
Rep. Tovar 
Rep. Vogt 

Technology & Infrastructure 

Rep. Stevens – Chair 
Rep. Ugenti – Vice Chair 
Rep. Ableser 
Rep. Dial 
Rep. Proud 
Rep. Seel 
Rep. Wheeler 

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