Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goldwater Institute weekly update: Asks court to overturn Obamacare, more

The Goldwater Institute has requested an injunction to block a provision of the federal health care law that prevents Congress from repealing a new agency that would control health care payments. A preliminary injunction is needed so Congress can consider revoking the Independent Payment Advisory Board before the agency has been established. Read more here.

Broad-based sales tax can safely replace income tax that holds back economy
If Arizona were to decide to scrap the income tax, what should replace the $2.2 billion in revenues that the state receives each year? The answer requires a clear understanding of the role of income taxes in our economy. Read more here.
Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance has published a new report on the Arizona tuition scholarship tax credit. The report does a great deal to answer the misleading claims of some of the program’s critics. Read more here.
Need national debt relief?
Thomas Jefferson worried that one thing missing from the newly minted Constitution was some kind of limit on federal debt. Fortunately, President Jefferson’s wish can be a reality through the use of Article V. Read more here.
From Other Pens
A Path Toward Overturning the Health Law- Reason
Congressional Republicans hoping to pare back the health care law between now and 2012 are going to face a lot of challenges. Peter Suderman writes that the most effective and practical way to contain the law between now and 2012 will be to go after single sections of the bill. Read more here.

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