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Mayor Vernon Parker Asks Governor, Legislature to Act on “Jobs Now” Plan First Part of Agenda to Generate Jobs by Saving AZ Businesses Money; Creating

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PHOENIX, AZ – December 14, 2009 – Arizona has suffered some of the worst job losses in its storied history, and ranks nationally near the top for job loss. Arizona has lost well over 200,000 jobs since 2007. Families are hurting. We need hope. We need optimism. Arizona’s brightest days are in front of us. Job creation is not a partisan issue.

Vernon Parker, Mayor of Paradise Valley, and a likely candidate for governor, wants to make sure that those in Arizona who want to work can do just that.

As someone who grew up in a home where making the ends meet was a struggle, Parker is determined to see that families get ahead. He understands that this doesn’t happen by taking money from them - with a tax increase - and this most definitely doesn’t happen by penalizing employers who provide them with jobs.

Vernon Parker’s “Jobs Now” plan includes an expansion of the state’s Renewable Energy Tax Incentive program to all industries that relocate here, a temporary small business job creation tax credit, and it aims to create a stable - and nationally competitive - business environment by phasing out the corporate income tax.

“Arizona cannot tax its way out of this recession, nor can we tax our way into prosperity,” Parker said. “We have to create an environment where businesses are freed-up to do what they do best: create jobs and grow our economy. My ‘Jobs Now’ plan is a pathway back to prosperity and should be enacted quickly in special session.”

“I would prefer the legislature to move forward immediately with corporate income and property tax reductions, but the legislature needs to pass something immediately to get Arizonans back to work,” said Parker. “My jobs now plan includes components that should receive bipartisan support.”

In order to receive any tax benefits in this part of the “Jobs Now” plan, companies will first have to make significant capital investments or create new jobs in Arizona. The greater the investment and more jobs created, the greater the benefits available.

“Why are we helping only one industry - the solar industry - when we can create an environment that would attract many diversified industries?” said Parker. “However these capital intensive companies will need time to create jobs, we must act now to help the backbone of our economy, Arizona small businesses, get people back to work quickly. Today’s unique circumstances call for bold action.”

Parker has bigger plans for Arizona’s economy as well.

“Arizona is now in the bottom half of Forbes Magazine’s rankings of business friendly states,” points out Parker. “That’s why I want to phase out the corporate income tax in Arizona and put out the welcome mat for companies leaving California, the Midwest and the East Coast, and tell them that Arizona is a place to do business.”

“Corporate taxes aren’t just bad for companies – they are bad for families. They stifle job creation and they are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.”

At the same time as creating an environment for economic growth, “Jobs Now” also employs safeguards that protect the taxpayer from being swindled.

“There are taxpayer protections in the programs outlined in my ‘Jobs Now’ plan,” Parker points out. “The legislature should act to ensure each program includes caps and penalties for fraudulent claims. These credits are about getting people back to work quickly, not profiting off paperwork or fraud.”

When we implement these policies, the General Fund will grow, and we would have more resources to build the nation’s best public school system.

Parker, who was raised in difficult circumstances as a child, went on to graduate from California State University at Long Beach with a degree in finance. He worked as a financial analyst for Rockwell International on the $19 Billion B1-B program. He then attended Georgetown University Law school where he met and married a second generation Arizonan.

Parker went on to serve as Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush in the White House.

He later served as an Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture, a department with a $90 Billion dollar budget.

He now serves as Mayor of Paradise Valley where he received the most votes of any person ever elected to the Council.

For more information on Parker or his “Jobs Now” plan, please go to www.Parker2010.com or contact Jason Rose.

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