Saturday, July 3, 2010

Senator McCain urged to let go, retire

Great article from Jim Kelley in the Tucson Citizen. Some excerpts -

The difference in style between the rabid leftist pit-bull that McCain hired from Al Gore and the steady conservative Mark Sanders of the Hayworth campaign is stark.

McCain is loved by the left, the progressives and every intellectual elitist snob journalist East of Albuquerque. But it doesn’t play well in Arizona, particularly Southern Arizona.

John McCain is fighting for the last gasp of his political life. His selfish quest to hold on to power is killing the GOP in Arizona. He is destroying the reputation and character of another Republican that will outlive him. He is holding on to political money, money received by ponzi schemers, instead of spreading the wealth to the local party organizations in Arizona.

His mean spiritedness in this campaign has turned his base against him. We forgave John all his indiscretions because we thought it was important to have him there in the Senate for Arizona. Well what has he done for us? The only time he seems to have any influence on anything is when he votes with the Democrats. But now after we forgave the treatment of his wives, the sordid associations with Keating and mobsters, he tries to smear Hayworth for a commercial? What a hypocrite.

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