Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CAP: Adoption bill needs your support today

Now that the Arizona House has passed HB 2148, Marital Preference for Adoption, opponents are conducting a strong campaign to persuade Senators to oppose the bill. The Senate Public Safety and Human Services Committee will hear HB 2148 this Wednesday, March 17.
HB 2148 gives children a chance to have a married mom and dad by establishing a preference in state adoptions for married couples where possible. HB 2148 includes several very significant exceptions to enable a child to be adopted by a single person when it is in the best interest of the child. For more information, visit CAP's web site for the CAP's Family Issues Fact Sheet, current status of the bill, and details of legislative action tracked on our blog. 
  1. Now is the time to make sure your voice counts! Email your Senator today using our easy online form and politely ask them to vote YES on HB 2148. Craft your personalized message to them based on the talking points below.
  2. Forward this email to like-minded friends and family. Forward to a Friend 
  3. Pray for the passage of HB 2148 as it moves through the legislative process.
  1. HB 2148 establishes public policy in favor of placing children with a married mom and dad whenever that's possible.
  2. HB 2148 is about the best interests of the children. Social science data repeatedly shows that children do better socially and academically when raised by two married parents.
  3. HB 2148's preference does not always apply. HB 2148 allows for many exceptions to ensure that the child's best interests are protected. If it is best for the child to be raised by a single individual, this bill would allow the child to be placed with a single adult.

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