Friday, July 27, 2007

GOP chair Pullen likes Kyl's latest border bill

Good to see the state GOP and Senator Kyl agreeing on this important bill.

Pullen = 1 Nathan Sproul & his McCain/RINO troublemakers = 0.


Kyl co-sponsors amendment for 3 Billion in Border Security

Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party expressed his gratitude and support of United States Senator Jon Kyl for his efforts to secure the border with the Border Security First Act as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security Appropriation Act, 2008.
“I commend Senator Kyl for working towards a more safe and secure border. The Border Security First Act is a positive first step in gaining operation control of our southern border. A vast majority of Arizona Republicans want their state’s southern border secured. They want the drugs and guns which plague our schools to stop flowing across the border. They want their children safe. Senator Kyl hasn’t just rejoined that debate, he’s taken the lead in a very meaningful way.

“Once we have achieved this goal of a secure border, protecting our families and communities, our job will not be complete – but an important and historic step will have been taken and we will have the leadership of Senator Kyl to thank for it. Together we can then address issues important to our economy, such as a common sense guest worker program, with the security of knowing who is coming over our border, when, and why,” Pullen said.

“This border security amendment passed almost unanimously today in a Democrat Senate because of Jon Kyl’s leadership and the will of the American people. When those two powerful forces work together, great things can be accomplished,” Pullen concluded.

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