Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why is Politico Mafioso and his McCain henchman attacking the state GOP so much?

I can't figure out why Politico Mafioso (or the nude elephants as some like to call them) and his friends posting comments on Sonoran Alliance continue to take pot shots at the State Republican Party. Moderates like Politico Mafioso and his McCain cronies are always preaching about how the GOP should be a big tent. If so, then why won't they give the state GOP a chance under its new leadership? Pullen has clearly made an effort to bring the party together, forging a path that adheres to conservative principles while trying to get along with Sen. Kyl and others who haven't always agreed with the conservative base. Are McCain's staffers stirring up Politico Mafioso and the blogs? Or is it someone with a vendetta or something to hide? Much of what they're posting isn't even correct (e.g. there are 4 on staff at party headquarters, not 2 - which sort of discredits the theory that the party isn't doing well because of a lack of contributions). This will be interesting to follow. The State GOP has done pretty well since the new leadership took office in February, raising large amounts of money from voters fed up with illegal immigration. McCain's presidential campaign, on the other hand, has gone downhill. It looks like these blog posts are part of a last gasp effort by the McCainiacs to retain some power. Will keep an eye on this.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger,

What is up? What comments on the Sonoran Alliance? Who is doing pot shots? Eh?

Well, I am the nudiest of all nude elephants and I don’t appreciate any one messing with my image.

By the way do you wear a burka all the time? Even around the house? It gets so hot inside those garments this time a year that the brain over-heats and starts to malfunction..

I mean since you wear a virtual burka around your name that gives me pause to ponder.

Well, it’s your life, not mine.

So what is it all about “McCain Cronies” as you put it? Please enlighten me. I happen to support the Senator for his bid for the U S Presidency in 2008. I’ll let you in why, although there is only a glimmer of hope you’ll comprehend.

Senator John McCain, in my humble opinion is the only one Republican Candidates who can keep the White House in Republican hands.

Tell me what is your particular and personal problem with the “Big Tent”?

Ronald Reagan knew the magic power of the big tent. That is the place where the majority of the conservatives, also known as Republicans unite in consenting agreements, and there is where they politely agree to disagree on meaningless infinitesimal nuances in the interpretation of one or the other small planks.

Tell me what you find wrong with Senator Jon Kyl, but be careful. My wife and I have supported him to the 9th, actually to the 11th, and there is no better than Jon Kyl to represent you in the US Senate. You don’t know how fortunate you are having him watch over you.

Don’t need to tell me about Randy. He is a good man trying to do his best, in spite of being attempted to be manipulated by you and your burka bearing associates. My wife and I supported him when he ran for Mayor of Phoenix (unfortunately he did not get enough traction and where were you?) and we will support him as the elected Chairman of the AZ GOP.

Make a note of this and you can carry it to the bank.

Finally, I shall refrain from addressing the immigration problem with you or on this Blog. It is much too complicated for you and the likes of you to comprehend, and impossible for you to solve.

In closing, I would like to thank you for giving me the idea of promoting the “Nude Elephant”.

If AZ animal control will permit me to buy one, or a whole herd, we can promote “Nude Elephants Rodeos at Shangri-La Ranch”.

I won’t cut you in on the profits, but we will continue with our support of [genuine] Republican Values.

Horst Kraus

You see, I don’t wear a burka, not even over my name