Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NEW FEATURE: Who won Horizon's Monday night debate

Loredo=0 Mecum=1

Beginning with last night's show we are going to start analyzing Horizon's Monday night political debates. Yesterday's debate was between John Loredo, former Democrat state legislator, and Brett Mecum, state GOP communications director. They discussed the newly passed employer sanctions bill, John McCain's failing presidential campaign, and Congress's low approval rating of 14%. Loredo is somewhat of a slow, non captivating speaker, and was no match for the energetic, fact-spewing Mecum. Loredo tried to trap Mecum into discussing why the business community has remained silent for so long on employer sanctions. Mecum responded pointing out that the legislature - including Dems in the legislature - & governor support the bill, and that the bill is a lot better for the business community than what is being proposed by Don Goldwater and others for the ballot.

Loredo had nothing to counter Mecum when he noted that Congress's approval ratings are down to 12% according to a recent Gallup poll. Loredo admitted that the Democrats have done a poor job since they took over the majority in Congress last fall, and rambled on about how they've also failed on Iraq and immigration. Loredo insisted that the voters want immigration reform, and Mecum countered that they do only after securing the borders first.

When Loredo tried to criticize John McCain and the current administration's efforts in Iraq, Mecum retorted that the Democrat leaders are worse than McCain. Pelosi went over to the Middle East to negotiate with our enemies and Harry Reid is calling for U.S. surrender in Iraq. Hillary and her disastrous universal healthcare proposal. At least McCain is funding his own campaign, unlike John Edwards who spends $1,250 everytime he gets his hair cut.

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