Sunday, July 22, 2007

AZ conservative blogs more popular than liberal blogs

It isn't surprising that the most popular political blogs in Arizona are conservative., which ranks political blogs according to how influential they are, ranks them currently as follows (my comments are added in parentheses). The top 3 are conservative, and 7 out of the top 10 are conservative. Even though liberals run half of the 20 blogs listed below, the libs round out the bottom half in popularity.

Rank Blog
1 The Sonoran Alliance (conservative)
2 Seeing Red AZ (conservative)
3 Espresso Pundit (conservative)
4 Arizona Congress Watch (liberal)
5 AZ Political Intel (conservative)
6 Politico Mafioso (conservative but run by nude elephants)
7 ThinkRight Arizona (conservative)
8 AZPoliticalNews (probably moderate, maybe somewhat liberal)
9 Sustainability, Equity, Development (liberal)
10 Arizona Political Heat (conservative)
11 Red State Arizona (conservative)
12 Arizona 8th (conservative)
13 Blog For Arizona (liberal)
14 Spidelblog (liberal)
15 Political Insider* (liberal media)
16 The Arizona Report (probably conservative)
17 (moderate, possibly liberal)
18 Man Eegee (liberal)
19 Random Musings (liberal)
20 AZplace (liberal)

*Sorry, we can't link to the Political Insider, since none of the links work. Not sure how it can be ranked as high as #15 when no one can get to the articles


Anonymous said...

Hey, where'd that Rum guy's website go? Not even in the top twenty? I didn't even know there were twenty AZ blogs out there... Wow...

Craig said...

Ummm...I don't question my blog (Random Musings) coming in at #19, (other than to wonder how it got to be that high :) ), but I do have to question two things:

1. Where's Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion? Tedski has at least 15X the readership that I have; and

2. AZ Congress Watch is 'liberal'?? Stacy just covers our Congresscritters' votes, statements, press coverage, and activities. And she does a good job of it.

She passes no partisan judgements at all.

Her blog should be listed as 'neutral.'

BTW - I don't know how they determined 'influential' for this ranking, but my personal top three are (in no particular order) -

Espresso Pundit
AZ Congress Watch

x4mr said...

I am curious regarding the metrics you used to produce this ranking. That Tedski (RRR) is not ranked points to a fatal flaw. I am also skeptical that my blog ranks ahead of Framer's 8th. Yes, my readership is growing, but NO WAY do I draw the traffic and influence of RRR.