Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rep. Ben Miranda compares illegal immigration hotline to Nazi Germany

In a disrespectful analogy, Rep. Ben Miranda (D) compared a hotline Sheriff Joe Arpaio had set up for reporting illegal immigration related crimes to Nazi Germany on Horizon Monday night. Remarks like this serve no purpose but to belittle the tragedy of the Holocaust and discredit whoever is rude enough to make them. Horizon had a segment Monday on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new hotline for reporting illegal immigrants violating Arizona's human smuggling statute. Miranda and Arpaio were both interviewed. Miranda attacked the hotline and deputizing of 160 sheriff deputies as ICE officers, and speculated that there could be racial profiling used to enforce the law. Arpaio pointed out that 727 smugglers and their smugglees have been locked up so far under Arizona's anti-human smuggling statute, with no problems. He assured viewers that calls to the hotline will only result in investigations if probable cause is found. When asked about the second hotline being set up by opponents for reporting false accusations to Arpaio's hotline, Arpaio said that the Sheriff's Office receives crank calls all the time to their other hotlines, like fake animal abuse calls, and they're all dealt with appropriately. Arpaio pleaded to just be given a chance - "don't criticize us until you can show we've actually done something wrong." Uh yeah, it would be nice to give the hotline a chance before comparing it to Nazi Germany. Where is the Democrat leadership denouncing this hate speech?

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