Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stacey O'Connell for Phoenix City Council urging you to vote


Mark Your Calendars To Vote For Stacey O'Connell On September 11th, 2007



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Contributions are limited to $780 for couples (joint account), $390 for individuals. All donations must be from personal accounts. No corporate donations can be accepted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey, I want to congragulate you on your attempt at city council seat & that I'm sorry you didn't win. Or, get more support. I am not in your district, but I sure would have supported your effort 100%.
Larry & I have supported you & MCDC completely from the moment we met you. All the way, period!!
We are still planning on going south, the end of October, if it's possible, for us. Larry has had some problems, health wise, so we will see. I know things have changed in the MCDC, since I moved to Florida, here in AZ, but I'm not sure how or why. Maybe you can explain, if you get a chance.
I am back in AZ, for a while, to help Larry get thru some personal problems. So, I'll be leaving here, within a year, if all goes well, with him & he will be going with me, this time.
Hopefully, we can do some good elsewhere, since AZ seems to be a deadend street, with immigration. It's SO frustrating & we are completely disgusted, with the public & our elected officials.
Back to where I was in the beginning... got off track. Good luck with what ever endevers you have in the future. & I hope we can see & hear from you, sometime soon. Take good care! Ruth Waking

Anonymous said...


few win their first election. I know you will continue to be a strong voice in hour community and you have my full support in your future political endeavors. Hang in there the fight is not over yet.

Larry Akins