Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Recap of Horizon's One on One - Molera v. Chermy

Molera=0 Chermy=0

Horizon's One on One this week (which can be watched online here) featured former state Superintendent of Schools Jaime Molera debating Andrei Cherny, a former speechwriter for Al Gore and a John Kerry senior advisor. A google search also reveals that he writes for the Huffington Post, a far left extremist blog, which tells you all you need to know about him. Cherny, who looks about 18, was clearly in over his head debating Molera, who must be in his mid 30's. However, since Molera focused on bashing the Republican Party, stating that it was "in chaos" and that leaders like Weiers and Shadegg need to come in and take over, Cherny didn't really have to think too much except nod in agreement. Molera said that the GOP is finding it "very very difficult" to raise money and organize the grassroots. That's a funny statement, considering the grassroots is finally supporting the party again now that Pullen has been elected chair. Chermy ended the show with the meaningless phrase, "You can't just make a bright line distinction, you have to actually figure out what the right answer is."

Yeah, if you missed this one, it's not worth catching it in the archives. The problem with the show is that Horizon is run by the left - they pick and choose which guests are going to represent the right, and so of course they pick someone like Molera, who lost the race for Superintendent of Schools to Tom Horne because of his advocacy for bilingual education - something even most moderate Dems don't support. Horizon also picks and chooses which issues are going to be discussed - Monday night's topics were the "political fallout from the war" and the the floundering McCain campaign, both issues that hurt Republicans. There is a niche for another political show to emerge in the Valley that will do a better, fair job (and it's not Channel 12's Sunday early morning Square Off, which suffers from similar problems and is on at a time when no one is watching TV).

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