Wednesday, May 18, 2016

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan endorses Andy Biggs

Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs continues to set the pace of the Fifth Congressional District race to replace Matt Salmon in the U.S. House of Representatives. Today, he announced that he had picked up the endorsement of House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan.

This endorsement is clearly a masterful outside-of-box move by the Biggs' campaign and shows how closely top conservatives in Congress are watching this race. As many in Arizona know - and now many around the nation - not everyone is capable of filling the role being vacated by Congressman Matt Salmon - in the district, in DC, and on the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman Jordan's endorsement of President Biggs shows that he trusts a 'Congressman Biggs' to be a reliable conservative reformer - an outsider needed to make DC listen to the people back in the districts.

There are some inside of the opponents' camps already trying to spin this endorsement as an establishment pickup for President Biggs, which really shows the rock-bottom, desperate games that are played by those competing for a share of the runner-up's support. Congressman Jordan has extremely high scores from many of the organizations fighting against the establishment machine in DC - 93% from Heritage Action; 94% score from Conservative Review; A- from Numbers USA; 98% lifetime score from the Club for Growth; and a 97% lifetime score from Freedom Works.

Jim Jordan, establishment? Those are clearly fighting words to the ears of a host of conservative leaders around the country.

Read the Jordan endorsement press release here.

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