Saturday, May 7, 2016

Andy Biggs Says "Sine Die" to the Arizona Legislature

Just as the sun started to peek over the horizon this morning, sine die happened for the Arizona Legislature. Most likely, the end of this regular session marked the last time that Senate President Andy Biggs would be active during a state legislative floor session after and impressively consistent and faithful 14 years of service to his district and to Arizona.

President Biggs' exit from the State Legislature has been marked with sadness and tremendous appreciation from those of his colleagues who have known him best. Not only was he a strong and respected leader, but he was a friend to many of his colleagues in the Legislature - in both bodies, on both sides of the aisle. What people working with him on a daily basis thought about him as a person speaks volumes to what kind of U.S. Representative Andy Biggs will be in Congress.

See some of the reaction on social media from President Biggs' colleagues:

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