Thursday, May 12, 2016

Catholic School Teacher in Phoenix Under Fire for Handout on Abortion’s Black Genocide

Although black babies are aborted at five times the rate of whites, there are calls to oust a Catholic high school theology teacher for informing his students of this.

Gavin Ahern teaches theology at the Catholic girls’ high school Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix. He is under fire from critics for handing out a flyer (pictured below) to students that discusses how abortion is genocide against blacks. A former alum has started a petition to fire him, calling the flyer hate speech, “women-shaming,” sexist and race-baiting.
According to the site Jezebel, a student complained to her mother about the flyer, who then went public about it. Her mother said in an email to Jezebel that it is “propaganda that demeans a particular race.”
The flyer refers to and draws material from an an organization called Black Genocide, which was founded by a black pastor in New Jersey. 
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