Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rick Renzi's former staffers do not believe the criminal convictions were valid

Since I began writing about the wrongful prosecution and imprisonment of former Arizona Republican Congressman Rick Renzi last July, I've gotten to know a few of his former staffers. Not a SINGLE ONE has ever said anything negative about him, in fact many of them appear to really respect and like Renzi. What does that tell you about the politically motivated DOJ prosecution against him?

One of his former staffers, Teri Antkowiak Grier, is now running for office in the Oregon House, and had nothing but good things to say about him recently. Grier told The World that "his indictment came after she was no longer working for him, and she found it surprising, as she'd been impressed by Renzi's insistence on adherence to both the spirit and the letter of ethics laws."

See the previous seven articles I have written exposing the corruption in the prosecution of Renzi, to the right of this article. He WILL be vindicated eventually, it's just taking longer because anyone involved in the legal system is terrified of the consequences. Here in Arizona, the State Bar prohibits attorneys from publicly criticizing judges or elected officials. Obama controls the DOJ, and everyone is terrified of the DOJ and its politically motivated prosecutions, which are almost impossible to fight back against due to its unlimited resources from us taxpayers. Stay tuned, his case is the worst I've ever looked into in my life for corrupt political prosecutions of conservatives, and I've looked into many and written about many ever since it happened to me too.

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