Thursday, May 12, 2016

Consultant Chatter: Sean Noble

IC Arizona will be running a series of posts entitled "Consultant Chatter," bringing you the history of some of the most prominent political operatives in Arizona. 

Our first Consultant Chatter features Sean Noble - President of American Encore, Co-Founder of DC London, and Partner at Axiom Public Affairs.

How many years have you been involved in politics?

23 years - all in Arizona

What Arizona projects have you been involved with? 

Matt Salmon for Congress Exploratory (1993) 
John Shadegg for Congress (1994-2008) 
Matt Salmon for Gov (2002) 
Tom Coburn for US Senate (2004) 
Len Munsil for Gov (2006) 
GOP Party Victory Chairman (2006) 
Yes for Marriage (2008) 
Ducey for Treasurer (2010) 
IE work for Schweikert, Gosar (2010)
Flake for Senate (2012)
No on 204 (tax increase) (2012) 
No on 121 (top two primary) (2012) 
Conservative Leadership for AZ (Gov race IE) (2014) 

Short summary of how you got involved in politics: 

As a 10 year-old kid, my mom sat me down and gave me a list of people to call and ask them to vote for Ronald Reagan. It was Republicans in Navajo County, and it didn’t take me very long, since there were so few Republicans. So then I started calling the Democrats and learned witnessed first-hand the beginning of the Reagan Democrats. 

What issue(s) got you involved in politics?

The issue that started my engagement in politics was the fight against communism and the Soviet Union. The Miracle on Ice was the precursor to Reagan’s victory over Carter and our eventual victory over the Soviets. 

Who was your political hero growing up?

I am a Reagan baby in the truest sense of the phrase – I came of age during his Presidency. I also idolized Barry Goldwater, Margaret Thatcher, and William F. Buckley. 

Has that hero changed since you were involved in politics?


Why are you still involved in politics? 

Because we still have a nation to save, freedom to protect, and a future to secure for our children and grandchildren. 

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5-10 years?

Find a way to inject free-market philosophy back into the health care system. Continue to protect the First Amendment from leftists zealots who want to stifle conservative speech. 

What do you hope your Arizona legacy is when all is said and done?

That I always fought for freedom, and that I was a friendly guy. 

What episode in your political journey has taught you the most?

Being attacked by the left and the liberal media has been interesting (and to some degree satisfying) but understanding that petty jealousy among people who are on your side or supposed to be your friend reminds me that not everyone is involved in politics for the right reasons. 

Summarize your most memorable moment in Arizona politics: 

There are a bunch, but one that stands out (because I was so young and impressionable) was when I met William F Buckley who appeared at an event with Barry Goldwater to support John Shadegg in his first run for Congress. That was pretty awesome. 

Who’s your favorite Arizona elected official? 

Fomer elected officials would include: Barry Goldwater, Jon Kyl, and John Shadegg. I also think former Democratic Congressman Ed Pastor is one of the nicest humans on the planet. Among current elected officials, Gov. Doug Ducey. 

What was your favorite campaign and why?

I think my favorite campaign was when Tom Coburn ran for the U.S. Senate the first time in 2004. At Labor Day he was done 11 points in the polls and I flew out a couple days later and stayed the next 70-some nights in a Holiday Inn Express in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It was my favorite, because it was completely consuming and his 12-point victory in November made it incredibly satisfying. Besides, he was one hell of a Senator. 

Favorite TV show?

I have a lot. I would say my favorite shows of all time have been Friday Night Lights, Lost, Mad Men, Californication, and the Wire. 

Favorite writer(s): 

Mark Steyn and Jonah Goldberg 

Favorite hobby: 

The Bar Method exercise. I’m addicted.

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