Thursday, January 7, 2010

CCM meeting Monday Jan. 11

January 4, 2010

Dear Friend, Patriot and servant leaders,

Happy New Year to all freedom loving, truth seeking, God loving Americans. Mark your calendar for this coming Monday January 11th at 6:30 pm and join us at our monthly CCM meeting at Denny’s on Northern 1 block East of I-17.

Last month we touched on the Money Trail. Over Christmas, along with a Christmas greeting I sent each of you a pdf entitled “The Money Trail”. Have you had an opportunity to review any of the links contained therein? I pray you take the time (a little each night) to see with new eyes what is going on. This month, we continue our journey of understanding.

Both in our State and nationally, we are moving into full swing of an election cycle. Tea Party Patriots, concerned citizens and deluded globalists rally to either shake this monkey off our back (i.e. a socialist agenda) being foisted upon us by our legislators and executive branch at breakneck speed; or succumb to the weight of the other shoe. Second only to understanding the Constitution and the framers intent, I consider the importance of uncovering “The Money Trail” and where it leads as a key preparation step for the political battle yet to come later this year.

If you and I do not understand where the money comes from; who is orchestrating the puppets in politics; those shadow figures who follow an agenda other than American, Constitutional and an allegiance based in the Declaration of Independence; we will not see clearly as the field of candidates take their places to woo our votes. They may say the words we want to hear, but without complete understanding they too will become as pawns in the game of our life, liberty and right to own private property.

The moneyed interests think we are too busy “eking out an existence”, asleep and too self absorbed; that we do not have sufficient interest and the fortitude of inquiry to expose the blueprint that is being imposed upon us - even though we protest loudly. Come and learn more pieces of the puzzle you will not learn on FOX News, Glenn Beck or CCN. We report; to educate and prepare you for effective civic action.

Hope you can make it; bring a friend.

In Service,

Robert A. Zuluaga

President, CCM

Arizona Chapter Coalition for a Conservative Majority

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