Friday, January 15, 2010

Congressman Franks Statement on Shadegg Announcement that He Will Not Seek Re-election

"I am surprised and saddened to learn of my friend and colleague's retirement from Congress at the end of his eighth term.

"A courageous soul named Detrich Bonhoffer once said, 'The ultimate test of a society is the world it leaves to its children.'

"Over the course of nearly 16 years, Congressman Shadegg has established himself not only as a respected Member of the most powerful Parliamentary body in the world, but as one who has held the battle line against the onslaught of the left, and adhered unswervingly to the principles of conservatism, a free market, and individual liberty.

"In so doing, he has undoubtedly left a better world for our children, and for that I cannot say thank you enough. It has been an honor to serve beside him these past seven years. I know that whatever path he finds himself on in future years, it will be one that finds him advancing the cause of human freedom and the betterment of all humanity."

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