Monday, March 8, 2010

Maricopa County GOP upcoming events & news

Constitutional Carry has been re –scheduled on the Senate Appropriations Committee agenda for Monday, March 8th after the "floor" session has adjourned – about 2 pm.

SB1108 sponsor Sen. Russell Pearce has proposed a "strike everything" amendment that replaces SB 1108, in its entirety, with the intended language from SB 1102 (Constitutional Carry).  SB 1102, which was headed for a Senate floor vote, was derailed after the attachment of the hostile Cheuvront amendment during the Senate Committee of the Whole (COW).  A support letter has been prepared and is waiting for you at our Action Center: .

Opposition Kills McCain’s Dietary Supplement Bill

POLL: Do you support the F-35 jet coming to Luke Air Force Base?

Message from Congressman John Shadegg: I had the opportunity to discuss the government takeover of health care on "Bulls and Bears" on Fox Business. If you have a moment, I'd like to hear your ideas on what else we can be doing to stop Nancy Pelosi's health care takeover!

Shadegg on FOX & Friends: I had the opportunity to discuss the ongoing efforts by President Obama and Nancy Pelosi to force the government takeover of health care on America with Fox and Friends. The link to the appearance is below; you might find the commentary on how Charlie Rangel's "leave of absence" plays into the debate of interest.

McCain, Hayworth Bicker Over Meaning of 'Oscar' Attack Ad: A campaign attack ad that depicts Sen. John McCain as an "Avatar" has the Arizona Republican crying foul over what he sees as a slap to Native Americans. But his primary opponent, J.D. Hayworth, may well be wondering what planet he's on.

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