Friday, March 12, 2010

DHS White House liaison Jake Braun talks to DHS seminar on social blogging and the border

Am listening to an interesting talk from Jake Braun, White House DHS liaison, on why DHS is interested in using social media for border issues. They have created a social networking site on ning to discuss border issues.

Braun said there were three reasons why they have delved into this area:

1. President Obama has made a call for open government. The Ning site will help accomplish this. Would like to know how to make the Ning site more helpful and popular.

2. Provide a way for people who live on the border to talk to policy makers in WA.

3. Force multiplier. They would like to work with non-governmental organizations.

Issues that will be discussed on the site include Human trafficking, Community policing, Improving commerce and Academia.

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