Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hoping McCain Loses To Hayworth

I have been looking at some of the various campaigns around the country. And, one of my favorites is in Arizona where John McCain is locked in a primary with ultra-conservative former Congressman JD Hayworth.
I hope Hayworth, the underdog, wins.
And that is because I think that John McCain has played a uniquely pernicious role in American politics. Playing off his experience as a POW (exploiting his military status as few heroes do), taking advantage of the mainstream media's bizarre adoration for him, and reveling in his own self-importance, he has become a senator far more renowned than his record warrants.
I mean, does a week go by without McCain snarling on one of the Sunday news shows?
But, essentially, he does not have much of a record. He hollers a lot about earmarks and he joined Russ Feingold to pass the now defunct McCain-Feingold law. He is also known as being the one member of the Keating 5 (S&L scandal) who got off (how could he not with his media friends shilling for him?)

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