Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hayworth Opposes McCain’s Anti-Small Biz Legislation with Democrat Senator

Hayworth Opposes McCain’s Big Government Hammer vs. Arizona Small Business: Eliminates Consumer Choice
PHOENIX, ARIZONA.  MARCH 2, 2010.  J.D. Hayworth is taking a stand against Republican Senator John McCain’s big government legislation to further regulate vitamins and supplements, hurting consumer choice and small businesses across Arizona..
The legislation has sparked outrage throughout Arizona and the country.
Hayworth held a press conference at New Life Health Centers in Tucson to highlight his opposition. 
Sen. McCain’s partnership with U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) follows other liberal efforts with Joseph Liebermanon global warming, Ted Kennedy on amnesty and Russ Feingold on First Amendment regulations which were recently overturned by theU.S. Supreme Court.  

"Use of vitamins and supplements should not be regulated simply because a few athletes want to redirect attention from their doping,” said Hayworth. 

Americans across the country would likely see a rise in prices and decrease in availability of vitamins and supplements with the passage of this bill, as supplement manufacturers would be subject to excessive reporting requirements and broad recall authority by the FDA.  Many see the legislation as a giveaway to big drug.
This bill is yet more "bipartisan" legislation by the 24-year incumbent that panders to those interested in increasing the size and scope of the federal government.   Senator McCain voted for the massive bank bailout bill in 2008, which included $150 billion in earmarks.  During his presidential run he proposed spending $300 billion to buy up every bad mortgage in America, again bailing out banks and borrowers.  And according to the Heritage Foundation his support for amnesty legislation would have cost taxpayers $2.6trillion.    

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