Monday, March 8, 2010

Has this blogger libeled JD Hayworth?

Occasionally someone asserts statements in an article or blog post as if they were fact, when they have not been proven to be so. In this piece written by Dave Keller, he makes several claims about JD Hayworth which could be libelous.

1) Asserts that Hayworth has "ties to organized corruption"
2) Asserts that Hayworth engaged in "sordid and unsavory conduct"
3) Repeats false rumors of "prescription drug abuse" due to Hayworth's appearance and "allegations of marital infidelity"
4) Asserts that Hayworth appeared to become "detached from reality"

Nothing ever came of the Abramoff allegations, Hayworth never even met him, and the total contributions Abramoff gave Hayworth amounted to $2,250 - nothing after 1999. The rest of the accusations are despicable and beneath response.

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