Monday, March 15, 2010

CAP: Lottery sales down, stop the healthcare bill

Stop Pelosi and Liberal Leadership in Congress!
 Democrat leaders in Washington are pushing aggressively to get their massive, pro-abortion healthcare overhaul passed. Speaker Pelosi is having trouble getting votes because members have been hearing from their constituents. Call your Arizona Congressman TODAY to urge him or her to vote NO on Speaker Pelosi's healthcare reform. It's especially important for Arizona Congressmen Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Gabrielle Giffords to hear from their constituents immediately. If you don't know who your Congressman is, use our Find Your Legislator tool on our Legislative Action Center.
D.C. Office
Local Office

D.C. Office
Local Office
D1, Ann Kirkpatrick

D5, Harry Mitchell
D2, Trent Franks

D6, Jeff Flake
D3, John Shadegg

D7, Raul Grijalva
D4, Ed Pastor

D8, Gabrielle Giffords

Also, watch the National National Townhall on Healthcare Webcast on Tuesday, March 16, from our friends at Family Research Council.
Yes, It's True
Many of you may have seen our blog post recently that features an interview I did with the Arizona Guardian. Yes, it is true: I was once a liberal feminist. But thankfully my views changed due to God's tugging at my heart over 25 years ago. When facing people who disagree with me, I remind myself that there is hope for people who don't share our values. Be encouraged, especially during this time in our country, that people can and are changing their views as they see our culture and our government eroding timeless values.
Race to the Finish at the Legislature!

The Legislature has focused on the state budget this week thereby placing other legislative business on hold. Starting Monday, however, things will pick back up with action anticipated on several CAP-supported bills. Please take time to pray for the legislation to pass. Stay updated on our blog,Facebook, and 2010 Bill Status Page.
Arizona Near Bottom in Lottery Sales
The state auditor general has reported that Arizona lottery sales are lower than other states. My view is that Arizonans realize spending hard-earned dollars on lottery tickets is a fool's game with little chance of return. Unfortunately, this report comes with a recommendation that the state should find ways to increase lottery sales. This idea is irresponsible and damaging to Arizona's families. A 2006 analysis by the Tucson Citizen of Arizona Lottery Commission numbers found that over half of the $53 million in Tucson lottery sales took place in zip codes where the average income was less than $36,800. Learn more about the lottery through Focus on the Family's Gambling Issue Analysis.
Individual Seats on Sale Monday!
Some of you have asked if and when individual seats will be sold for our April 24th CAP Family Dinner with Sarah Palin. On Monday, we will begin individual sales. Please call 602.424.2525/800.FAMILY.1 or go online to purchase your individual seats or table for this exciting event. We are approaching a sell-out, so don't delay! 

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