Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CAP: Adoption Bill Passes House

On Tuesday, the Arizona House of Representatives voted 35-22in favor of giving foster children a chance at having a married mom and dad. With bi-partisan support, HB 2148 passed the House as the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Warde Nichols, gave a strong defense of the bill on the House floor. Rep. Nichols explained the bill's flexible framework that still allows single adults to adopt when that is in the child's best interest. You canwatch the vote online (skip to the 30:07 mark). The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. 

More Than 100,000 Arizonans Gather in Prayer!

Just over a month ago, Governor Jan Brewer proclaimed January 17 as a "Day of Prayer for Arizona's Economy and State Budget."BridgeBuilders compiled data, and the numbers are astounding. Estimates say that over 250 churches and 150,000 people gathered to pray for Arizona. That's the equivalent of two large football stadiums filled with people praying for our state! As the budget process likely moves forward in the state legislature next week, continue to pray for our leaders and Governor. 

Expanding Gambling Not a Good Bet for AZ!  

This week, CAP sent a letter to legislators opposing efforts to authorize casino-style gambling at racetracks as a potential budget solution. Check out our fact sheet that explains the 3:1 cost that gambling inflicts on the economy, the significant harms to families, and Arizona's quality of life.

Speaker Adams Denied in Valiant Effort 

It's not everyday that someone asks to be sued, but that's exactly what Speaker of the House Kirk Adams recently did. Adams made a motion to "intervene" to become a defendant in the state abortion lawsuit. State law grants the Speaker the "right to be heard" when a state law's constitutionality is challenged. Unfortunately, Judge Donald Daughton disagreed with the state law and denied Speaker Adams' motion. CAP is continuing to help defend these laws as they move through state and federal court.

Abortion Clinic is "Deplorable"

When legal abortion became the law of the land after Roe v. Wade, abortion proponents claimed abortions would happen in a "safe" environment. After undercover findings of Planned Parenthood's neglect and the latest story from Philadelphia, it is clear abortion facilities are not a safe place for women or unborn babies. Recently, an abortionist in Philadelphia had his license suspended for having a "deplorable" facility that included parts of preborn children in jars and blood on the floor. Visit our blog to learn what CAP is doing to prevent this from happening in Arizona. 

Come Hear CAP in Your Area

Phoenix - I'll be speaking at Phoenix Seminary tomorrow, Feb. 27 on transformational leadership. Find out more and register directly with Phoenix Seminary.

Family Issues Briefing in Prescott and Tucson - I'll be giving an update on the latest issues affecting Arizona families at the legislature and sharing actions you can take to help make a positive difference! For more details or to register, see theCalendar of Events on our web site.

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