Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Will Harry Mitchell go on another crime spree?

This just in from the NRCC -

Now that David Schweikert is holding Harry Mitchell accountable for being a Pelosi lap dog and voting in support of reckless spending and job-killing policies, will Harry Mitchell once again ‘break the law’ and go on another sign-stealing rampage?

Schweikert’s campaign has been revealing who the real Harry Mitchell is by posting signs about Mitchell’s partisan record in DC:

“New campaign signs are popping up across the Valley…On the corner of 48th Street and Chandler Boulevard are two signs that have the same colors and same print, but one is from the Harry Mitchell Campaign, while the other is from his opponent Davis Schweikert. The latter reads ‘Pelosi Lap Dog’, referring to Nancy Pelosi, a top Democrat in Congress. ‘If you look at the record that is what is happening,’ said Schweikert Campaign Manager Oliver Schwab.” (Brian Webb, “Political signs in disguise hit the Valley,” ABC 15, 08/29/10)

When Mitchell’s 2001 opponent called him out for voting for a program that cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars, Mitchell and his wife ‘broke the law’ and took down his opponent’s signage:

“’I did it,’ Mitchell said. The signs in question belonged to Gary Richardson, who opposed Mitchell in the District 27 state Senate race. Richardson wanted to point out that Mitchell voted for the alternative-fuels program that is costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars. Richardson did this by putting small signs in front of Mitchell's, with a narrow pointing to his opponent's name and the words ‘Voted for alt-fuels fiasco.’ Mitchell and his wife drove around the district the next day taking the signs down...On the other hand, there's no question that Mitchell broke the law. He says, however, that he had no alternative because the message of his signs was being usurped.” (Richard Ruelas, “Punishing a Statuesque Senator,” Arizona Republic, 02/05/01)

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