Wednesday, September 15, 2010

David Schweikert for Congress: Behind Curtains 1, 2, and 3...

The Obama-Pelosi summer of recovery is now in the fall of reckoning...

The big government spending has failed. And now Congressmen like Harry Mitchell are trying to hide from their Obama-Pelosi spending record.
Congressman Mitchell wants you to forget about his job killing record, but…
Behind curtain number 1 is the Wall Street bailout. Mitchell spent our tax dollars and leveraged our children’s future to bail out fat cats.
David Schweikert opposed the Wall Street bailout and will never apologize for defending the free enterprise system. Our country is headed in the wrong direction and we need a true fiscal leader like David fighting for our economic freedom.
Let’s send Congressman Mitchell and his bailout voting record packing for good!
Behind curtain number 2 is the failed stimulus "plan". Obama and Pelosi corralled puppet Congressmen like Mitchell into the most staggering abuse of the American taxpayer in history. The spending puts the failed New Deal to shame, and it was purely a political pork operation.
The stimulus was a doomed policy from the beginning. How many billions have we spent on Obama's road signs and union cronies, all allowed under Congressman Mitchell’s supposed “watch.”
Click here to send the message that on November 2 we change course. It is unacceptable for a government to tax-and-spend, borrow-and-spend, and leverage our sovereignty in generational tyranny. We want true leadership that fights for an economy that creates real jobs, not more bureaucrats.
And finally, behind curtain numbed 3 is ObamaCare. The multi-trillion dollar liberal attempt to buy political power. Bought by the healthcare lobby and paid for by higher taxes, Medicare cuts, and foreign debt auctions.
Congressman Mitchell wants us to believe he read the bill. He didn’t. But even more insulting is his insistence that he wouldn’t vote for the bill, before Nancy Pelosi rapped his knuckles into far left obedience.
This madness must stop. We need true leaders that are willing to take on their own party when they are wrong, and who are willing to fight for the American taxpayer and do what’s right.
The Arizona liberals are waging an all out war, reverting to desperate negative attacks that are meant to distract us from the issues Mitchell will lose on.
Mitchell has hundreds of thousand of dollars behind his dark attack messages, but we are going to give him the fight of his career.
With your support, we can send Congressman Mitchell and this Pelosi Congress packing!
That starts today - - not tomorrow, not in a few minutes. Right now. David Schweikert needs your help to fight and win. Our country, our economy, and the kind of nation we are is dependent on winning back the U.S. House of Representatives for the People.
Can David Schweikert count on your support today?
We cannot afford to lose this fight.

Please join us...
Thursday, September 16th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
David Schweikert - Advocate for the TaxpayerDarin Mitchell
cordially invites you to his home for a
in support of

David Schweikert for Congress

10032 N Palisades Blvd, Fountain Hills
Please consider a minimum donation of $50

Friday, September 17th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Bruce & Sharon Lund
cordially invite you to their home for a
Wine & Cheese Reception
in support of David Schweikert for Congress

10734 N Skyline Dr, Fountain Hills
(Gate code 1951)

Please consider a minimum donation of $75

Saturday, September 18th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Greg & Mary Winn
cordially invite you to their home for a
Classic Corvette Reception
in support of David Schweikert for Congress

6677 E. Indian Bend Rd, Paradise Valley

Please consider a minimum donation of $250

Monday, September 20th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Join Hugh Hewitt
with Republican candidates David Schweikert,
Dr. Paul Gosar and Jesse Kelly

at the Arizona GOP Headquarters
3501 North 24th St, Phoenix

$50 per person / $150 with photo
$250 per couple (with photo)

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