Friday, September 3, 2010

NRCC Welcomes David Schweikert as Young Gun

Schweikert Campaign a Symbol of Growing Momentum, Fighting to Stop the Out of Control Government Spending and Retire the Very Liberal Pelosi Congress
(Scottsdale, AZ) The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced yesterday that CD5 Republican nominee David Schweikert has reached "Young Gun" status.

Rep. Pete Sessions, Chairman of the NRCC said "David's campaign is a symbol of the growing momentum behind Republican candidacies in Arizona and across the country."

"As Democrats and their party bosses continue to push their big-government, big-spending policies onto the backs of hard-working families, Republicans like David Schweikert will continue to present a clear alternative to a Democrat majority that continues to spend too much, borrow too much and tax too much," Sessions continued. 

David Schweikert said, "We are unified by the idea that we can revive our economy and create jobs in the private sector, but we are not going to do it by raising taxes and growing government."
"Our country is being driven in the wrong direction by liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi and our opponent Congressman Mitchell, who expand the size of government and force the American people into crushing debts over bailouts, failed stimulus, and runaway pork-barrel spending," Schweikert continued. "I will fight for pro-economic growth policies that protect taxpayers, promote the free enterprise system, and defend our Constitutional liberties." 

David Schweikert has been recognized as a championed advocate for taxpayers, the Constitution, and freedom. As Maricopa Country Treasurer, Schweikert was responsible for protecting billions of taxpayer dollars. As chairman of the State Board of Equalization, Schweikert cut the size of government. Serving in the state legislature and as House Majority Whip, Schweikert ushered key pro-growth policies, including one of the largest tax cuts in Arizona history.

"As this government's out of control spending hurdles us towards a European style debt crisis, a double-dip recession and unemployment at 9.6%, Washington needs true fiscal leadership more than ever. I will fight for our economic freedom," concluded Schweikert.

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