Saturday, September 25, 2010

Schweikert Campaign Reaches $1 Million in Contributions for the Election

Today, the Schweikert for Congress campaign announces that it has reached the $1 million benchmark in campaign contributions for the 2010 cycle.
“The support we’ve received from across Arizona, and the country, has been outstanding,” said David Schweikert.
“The American people want jobs, they want a real economic recovery, and they want federal policies that remove barriers to economic prosperity. I am confident that we can win this race because our liberal opponent has been a huge part of the problem in Washington.”
“The American people want a change from the failed, wasteful, big government policies that Congressman Mitchell has voted for. I am confident about the future, provided we elect true fiscal leaders in November. The House Republican Pledge to America, unveiled this week, is a commitment to let loose the entrepreneurial genius of the American people and stop punishing the free enterprise system with a government that crowds out growth.”
Two studies out this summer refute the Obama-Keynesian notion that increased government spending grows the economy. In fact, higher government spending only serves to limit prosperity and crowd out private sector growth.
The Harvard Business Review concluded that bigger government over the past 40 years in America caused decreased private sector employment levels, lower volumes of sales and general revenues, and a drop in critical research and development.
George Mason University’s Mercatus Center concluded that higher government, in a sample of 76 countries worldwide, showed the same negative relationship between a larger central government and economic growth. On a broad scale, higher government spending levels increased tax burdens and reduced private sector spending, savings, and investment.
Both The New York Times and leading think tanks like The Heritage Foundation agree that the Obama-Pelosi stimulus has lost more jobs than it has produced.
“Arizonans and Americans understand where this government is taking us, and they have watched Obama, Pelosi, and Congressman Mitchell squander what could have been a very strong recovery. If we’re going to save our country and turn our economy around, we need to replace politicians like Congressman Mitchell and his lockstep support of the failed Obama-Pelosi policies that have squandered trillions of dollars and done nothing to strengthen our economy and bring about real job creation," concluded David Schweikert.

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