Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Townhall: Race of the Day Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District Rematch between David Schweikert and Harry Mitchell

Some excerpts -

Mitchell’s service as a Representative has been utterly disappointing as he has continually supported the Democrats’ leadership: a record that does not bode well for the citizens of the Fifth District. Mitchell stood up to support Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Democrats’ government takeover of healthcare. His love of government spending is on display even more clearly in his vote to support the failed stimulus bill, which has resulted in more Arizonans out of work and a bloated national debt. The worst part of all is that Mitchell isn’t the one feeling the fallout from his policy choices, it’s the middle-class Arizona families that are affected by the abysmal economic environment Mitchell has fostered.

Schweikert knows what matters most to Arizonans during this difficult time. He knows they need to see real job creation—not rising or stalled unemployment rates. As Treasurer of Maricopa County, he responsibly handled billions worth of taxpayer dollars, as he implemented a tax system that was easier to use and understand. Before serving as Treasurer, he served in the Arizona House of Representatives, working as an advocate for taxpayers and chairing the State Board of Equalization. His solid record as a public servant and champion of taxpayer interests represents all that is missing in Washington--and what the Democrats are sorely lacking this election cycle.

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