Monday, September 13, 2010

Schweikert launches TV ad immediately after Mitchell's; neutralizes its effect

Last week Congressman Harry Mitchell launched a false attack on our campaign.
The Pelosi liberals in Arizona are backed into a corner, lashing out with negative attacks. Nobody doubted we couldn’t take a few knocks. But we are seeing pathetic last-ditch attempts from the Mitchell camp to distract us from a liberal-shackled record they want us to ignore.
You and I are fighting back!
And here’s how:
If you’ve been keeping your powder dry to fight this Pelosi Congress, today is the day to engage…
Your contribution, in the next few minutes, is urgently needed to drive the message home. Let’s send the Pelosi’s rubber-stamp Congressman in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District packing for good!
Last week, we raised a remarkable $95,000 to fight the liberals here in Arizona.
Our efforts have the AFLCIO in retreat.
But, the boycott cartel and the George Soros types are still debating whether Congressman Harry Mitchell has a fighting chance.
Let’s answer that question today.
In the dark of night, Congressman Mitchell plopped $300,000 in attack ads against our campaign, to distract from his shockingly liberal record of voting for trillions in new debt, the Wall Street bailout, higher taxes and ObamaCare!
We are fighting back! And we will win on the issues! Your help today will make the difference. Support this critical fight to save our economy and our country.
Again, if you’ve been keeping your powder dry, today is the day! I need to know if I can count on your help?
We can win.
We must win!
Our liberal opponent continues to hide from the voters, and wants us all to forget what he’s done in Washington. Like a criminal running from the scene of a crime, the liberal Congressman is nowhere to be found.
The Obama-Pelosi recovery summer has become the fall of reckoning. And this government’s failed economic policies have crippled our country in a tsunami of debt.
Our economy isn't safe with Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Mitchell in power. And we will stop them, right here, right now!
In the next few minutes, can you help me build the resources to fight and win?
Please join us...

Thursday, September 16th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
David Schweikert - Advocate for the TaxpayerDarin Mitchell
cordially invites you to his home for a
in support of

David Schweikert for Congress

10032 N Palisades Blvd, Fountain Hills
Please consider a minimum donation of $50

Friday, September 17th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Bruce & Sharon Lund
cordially invite you to their home for a
Wine & Cheese Reception
in support of David Schweikert for Congress

10734 N Skyline Dr, Fountain Hills
(Gate code 1951)

Please consider a minimum donation of $75

Saturday, September 18th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Greg & Mary Winn
cordially invite you to their home for a
Classic Corvette Reception
in support of David Schweikert for Congress

6677 E. Indian Bend Rd, Paradise Valley

Please consider a minimum donation of $250

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