Friday, September 3, 2010

It’s Barney!

The Democrats have a special guest in town today…
He is here trying to raise money for their liberal agenda.
Boycotts, nationalized healthcare, card check, more government spending… and they haven’t even started! The far left knows they need a war chest to attack us. And millions of dollars in attacks are coming.
It doesn’t surprise us that Congressman Mitchell doesn’t want us to know what he’s been doing in Washington.
Voting with Nancy Pelosi for higher taxes, more debt, and fewer jobs crowded out by big government is just wrong!
We are not going to take it!
David Schweikert is the proven fiscal warrior we need fighting for our Constitutional liberties and economic freedom.
He will cut taxes, reduce the size and cost of government, and champion pro-growth policies to revive our economy.
Please join us...

Friday, September 17th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Bruce & Sharon Lund
cordially invite you to their home for a 
Wine & Cheese Reception 
in support of David Schweikert for Congress
10734 N Skyline Dr, Fountain Hills
(Gate code 1951)

Please consider a minimum donation of $75

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