Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Club for Growth backs Schweikert

Harry Mitchell must be having a really, really bad day. First there was the news that the National Republican Congressional Committee is dumping over $2 million into four Congressional races challenging incumbent Democrats - including Mitchell. Then an internal poll came out showing Schweikert polling 8 points ahead of Mitchell with Mitchell only at 38 points - the deathbed for an incumbent at this point in the race with early ballots going out in less than a month. Now, the Club for Growth has decided they're going to get involved in the race, which means there is a very good chance they will dump several hundred thousand dollars into it. Considering the national Democrats probably aren't going to touch this race, and union money is staying away too and picking safer races in states like Colorado instead, it is looking like there is no way Mitchell can recover.
"David Schweikert understands how jobs and prosperity are created, and what Washington needs to do to help Americans create them again," said Club for Growth president Chris Chocola. "Schweikert understands that economic freedom leads to economic growth and that limited government leads to unlimited opportunities. Harry Mitchell is Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama's idea of a moderate - he's a liberal."

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