Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harry Mitchell Uses Taxpayer Dollars On Thinly Disguised Campaign Letters

Residents of CD-05 Receiving Letters from Mitchell Paid for by Taxpayers
(Scottsdale, AZ) Showing once again that he has little regard for how taxpayer dollars are spent, Congressman Harry Mitchell is violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the law which prohibits franked mail from being sent within 90 days of the general election.
“Over the last week, we have received copies of letters sent by Congressman Mitchell’s Congressional office to residents who have never communicated with his office,” said Oliver Schwab
The letters tout what Congressman Mitchell believes are virtues of the nationalized healthcare bill Mitchell voted for and offer the recipients the opportunity to “receive email updates on how (Mitchell is) working on behalf of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District.”
“This gross abuse of taxpayers dollars to benefit Congressman Mitchell’s campaign chances needs to stop,” continued Schwab.
“It’s already been reported that Congressman Mitchell tripled the amount he spent on taxpayer funded mailers to AZ-05 residents in the spring of this year – an election year - and now we see that he is continuing to mail even more taxpayer funded communications within the 90 day window before the election, to residents who never asked for them or have ever even communicated with his office.”
(Sample Mitchell Letter below)
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