Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arizona Republic calls out ANOTHER incorrect statement by opponents of Prop. 107

First the Republic called out a claim by the committee against 107 which falsely implied that that legislators had wrongly referred 107 to the ballot. Now they are calling out the Arizona Education Association for falsely claiming that certain programs will be gutted if the initiative passes. The truth is, where similar initiatives have passed in other states, those programs that benefit women and minorities have not been eliminated. 
Law professors say there has never been a challenge to such programs in California.

Although there is a possibility that such programs could face lawsuits if the proposition passes, their fate would ultimately be left up to a judge. There is limited precedent to determine whether such programs violate the law. 

Upward Bound is based on economic status or a student's status as the first in his or her family to go to college, so it likely does not violate the terms of the proposition, law professors say. 

Those professors say that it would be difficult to win a lawsuit against WISE if the program does not exclude male students from its benefits but only actively recruits women. 
What Prop. 207 would eliminate is programs that require certain numbers or percentages of women or minorities in government education, contracting or employment. 

Read the Republic's full analysis.  

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