Monday, September 20, 2010

Rep. Trent Franks Says Planned Parenthood More Corrupt Than ACORN

In Case You Missed It: Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) appeared on Fox Business' "Money Rocks" withEric Bolling to comment on a lawsuit alleging that Planned Parenthood has overbilled the government by hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to Victor Gonzalez, the former CFO of the California branch of Planned Parenthood, just one San Diego-area clinic overcharged the government by $5.2 million. Statewide, Gonzalez said he had witnessed more than $180 million in overcharges. Similar allegations have surfaced in numerous other states, including New Jersey and Washington.

Franks said, given that the corruption took place on such a broad level, one "would expect that the Justice Department would take a look at this," however so far no action has taken place under the Democrat-controlled Congress.

You can watch the entire segment by clicking the link below.

Congressman Trent Franks on Fox Business' “Money Rocks”

Fox Business’ “Money Rocks”
08/31/10 8:10:00 PM

On Defunding Planned Parenthood

0:34 - “…Absolutely they should be unfunded. I mean, I know it's no secret -- in the interest of full disclosure here -- that I find Planned Parenthood, an organization that supports abortion on demand and even on birth control purposes, a detestable organization. I have to be honest with you about that. But this is really an issue of corruption. This organization is really -- it looks like in terms of financial corruption -- far beyond what even ACORN did. The 5.2 million that they found in overbilling in the one clinic, if you…consider that there are 860 clinics that Planned Parenthood runs across this nation, you have a level of corruption that is staggering. I really think that there is a good possibility that this kind of corruption is taking place nationwide. I don't expect Kathleen Sibelius, the department of Health services, to look at it; I mean she is an abortion apologist. But I would expect that the Justice Department would take a look at this because this is…a level of corruption that is just absolutely staggering."

On Corrupt Organizations’ Campaign Contributions

2:02 - "Well, I believe you are absolutely right. Like ACORN, the organizations that do some of these things that a lot of Americans are concerned about are also strong supporters of the left. Barack Obama has supported Planned Parenthood to an incredible degree. And I don't think it's only because he is so pro-abortion; I think that is a big part of it, but he knows that Planned Parenthood is going to pour millions of dollars into the campaigns and that they are going to support, ten-to-one, Democrats and the left over Republicans. So, yes, it is a political organization; look at the origins of the organization."

On Lack of Congressional Action

3:39 - "Remember that this happened under Nancy Pelosi, so of course Congressional hearings weren't held. They should have been held"

5:25 - "Why don't we agree that we will look into this and see what Planned Parenthood is doing with the money that is coming from taxpayer pockets -- most of the time against their will -- and let’s see what is really happening with the money, and let’s see if we should continue to fund an organization that is overbilling and involved in a corruption level that should stagger all of us.”

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