Sunday, September 12, 2010

AZ Democrat Party running fake twitter account and blog masquerading as a random activist?

Having observed this twitter account and its associated blog for a couple of months now, I am convinced it is really a fake account put out by the Arizona Democrat Party. There is a photo of the guy ostensibly running the accounts featured on them, but no personal information about him on the twitter account or blog - not even a name. I had to do a whois search on the domain name in order to discover his name, Randy Keating, seen here drinking at a beer festival in the same photo that is used for the twitter and blog accounts. The twitter account and blog are updated constantly with fresh breaking news about all the major races in Arizona - pretty impressive for one little fella who already has his own personal twitter account and blog. As relentless as I am, even I couldn't keep up with ALL the major races in Arizona by myself. It's telling there is no inter-linkage between Keating's personal twitter accounts and blog on the one hand, and the DryHeatDem twitter accounts and blog on the other hand. Why the deception? The DryHeatDem twitter profile photo has an Arizona flag in the corner of it, and the blog has a professional looking snazzy Arizona flag next to the name - something only the Democrat Party would do, not your average Democrat activist who wouldn't be into professional looking blatant patriotism.

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