Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Special Message to Team Schweikert

I am writing tonight with a special request to our mainstay supporters.
Wednesday morning, the campaign is going to be launching an aggressive moneybomb to raise the first round of hard-dollars we will need to beat Congressman Mitchell.
Tonight’s email is an urgent appeal for your help.
Whether it is a $5 or a $2,400 donation, your support is critical.
I am asking that you please give in response to this email.
In the coming weeks, David and I will be on the phone raising the hundreds of thousands of dollars we are going to need to drive hard-hitting ads against our far left opponent.
We are running one of the most disciplined, cost-effective, and powerful campaigns in the country.
Every dollar we raise goes to direct voter contact.
Wednesday, the hard-push begins.
Can David and I count on your support to jump start our efforts right now?
We know the Democrats are going to come at David harder than ever.
The attacks are going to be false and nasty.
We will stay focused. And we will not let Congressman Mitchell run from his Pelosi record in Congress.
My request to you is urgent.
Please give right now. No amount is too small, and every dollar enables us to win.
I will be at the office late, so please call if you’re more comfortable giving over the phone at (480) 302-4872.  That's also a chance for me to give you a campaign update.
Most sincerely,
Click to DonateOliver
Oliver Schwab, Campaign Manager

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