Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harry Mitchell moving his signs

The campaign trail sure is heating up and it’s all about the issues!
Over the weekend, Congressman Mitchell’s record was drawn front and center by our campaign. Above his signs, we posted the Congressman’s job killing record.
Guess what Congressman Mitchell did?
He ran… he moved his signs… then he moved them again… and he is still moving them right now as you read this email…
Congressman Mitchell is running from his record. And he’s doing so several times a day now.
But we are not going to let him get away! He can’t run from his vote for Obamacare, his strong support of Nancy Pelosi, the hundreds of thousands of dollars in union support, or hiding from the voters.
The facts are the facts.
We’re not surprised that Congressman Mitchell doesn’t want the voters to know what he’s been doing in Washington.
His votes in near lockstep with Nancy Pelosi have been wrong!
The reckless spending, big government boondoggles, and the multi-trillion dollar healthcare takeover don’t even start to describe this out of control liberal Congress.
We need more jobs, not more government. And we are unified that we can create jobs through pro-growth, limited government policies that defend free markets and free people.
Unlike Congressman Mitchell, David Schweikert will never hide from voters. Because he respects that power in the American system rests with the People!

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