Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Return of the Liberal Arizona Sign Thief

For Immediate Release – September 23, 2010
Contact: Oliver Schwab, Campaign Manager • 480.302.4872
The Return of the Sign Bandit???
“I did it…” Mitchell admitted to stealing his opponent’s signs. (Arizona Republic, 02/05/01)
Over the past few weeks, upwards of 100 of Republican David Schweikert’s campaign signs have disappeared, been vandalized, or destroyed.
“This is, of course, not terribly surprising considering who our opponent is. In anticipation of this possibility, we printed more than enough to cover the expected losses,” said Oliver Schwab, Schweikert for Congress campaign manager.
“We started to see our signs disappear after the primary," continued Schwab. "As we have tried to get to the bottom of this mystery, we initially thought the obvious place to look for our missing signs was Congressman Mitchell’s own back yard, given his history of storing his opponent's purloined signs there."
"But at the end of the day, we decided that if Congressman Mitchell is inclined to return to his old sign bandit ways, then we will just put up more. After all, while he did make the mistake of voting for ObamaCare twice, we cannot imagine that if he has in fact returned to his old ways, he would make the mistake of again storing his opponent's signs in his backyard."
While running for office in 2000, Congressman Mitchell was accused by his opponent of stealing signs and breaking the law. Mitchell finally admitted guilt to the Arizona Republic in 2001 saying, “I did it.” (Arizona Republic, 02/05/01)
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