Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a myth that affirmative action is already banned in Arizona

Jennifer Gratz, who successfully sued the University of Michigan over its affirmative action in the famous Supreme Court case Gratz v. Bolinger, dispels this false rumor being spread by the opponents of Arizona's Prop. 107:

There's a lot of myths in this article, but the one I want to highlight comes from a current AZ state representative and candidate for state senate, Kyrsten Sinema who claims that "affirmative action is already illegal in Arizona" -- does she live on this planet?! Google Arizona and "affirmative action" ... tell me you find!

PS - While you are at it, Google California, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington and the WISE program -- all of these states have passed the same initiative as Prop 107 -- and universities in those states still have the WISE program.

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