Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National Republican Congressional Committee adds Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick to targeted races

Some excerpts from the article at Politico -

With the prospect of historic electoral gains on the horizon, the National Republican Congressional Committee is expanding its TV ad campaign.

House Republicans, who have already announced plans to invest more than $22 million in 41 districts, are taking aim at four additional incumbent Democrats, POLITICO has learned.

The fresh purchases — which come just eight weeks before voters head to the polls — reflect the GOP’s increasing confidence about their potential gains this fall. The four new districts — Pennsylvania’s 8th District, Arizona’s 1st and 5th Districts and Oregon’s 5th District — are seats that were once considered out of reach for Republicans. The NRCC is spending a total of $2,022,000 in the four new districts.

But with the political environment seeming to grow more perilous for Democrats by the day, Republican operatives believe that the quartet of seats is now increasingly winnable.

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