Thursday, September 2, 2010

American Action Network Poll Shows David Schweikert Beating Harry Mitchell

In Just 8 Days After the Conclusion of the Primary - Schweikert Opens a 6-Point Lead On Mitchell 50-44.
(Scottsdale, AZ) The American Action Network released a poll yesterday of likely general election voters in Arizona's Fifth Congressional District showing Republican David Schweikert already at 50 percent. This is a 6-point lead over incumbent Democrat Harry Mitchell.
The poll confirms what has long been suspected. Congressman Mitchell's votes for ObamaCare, the failed stimulus plan, and the Washington bailouts have significantly hurt his chances of reelection in our community.
According to the memo released by the American Action Network, David Schweikert is viewed more favorably than Mitchell on the issues that matter most to voters. These issues include jobs and the economy; who best can be trusted to fight to reduce the size and cost of government; and who is most trusted to hold the line on taxes.
"We have a long way to go until November, but we fully expect liberal Congressman Mitchell's union allies to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and keep Mitchell in power and continue Mitchell's near lock step support for the Obama-Pelosi agenda," said Schweikert Campaign Manager Oliver Schwab. "Of course, these are the same unions that are calling for a boycott of Arizona and who seek to incur economic harm on our state. The Congressman has refused to return the anti-Arizona support, but this is not surprising because he will have to rely upon these very same organizations to finance his attack ads against David Schweikert."
Republican nominee David Schweikert continued, "As this poll has shown, jobs and the economy continue to be the number one priority for voters in our community. Unfortunately, instead of working to find real solutions, my opponent has chosen to continue his misguided support for Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. This government's failed economic policies have done very little to improve either the economy or the job situation in Arizona. I urge Congressman Mitchell to abandon his liberal agenda and join me fighting for common sense, pro-growth policies that will strengthen our economy, help small businesses, and provide much needed jobs."
The poll taken by American Action Network is available at
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i'm looking forward to harry's retirement party tuesday evening...