Thursday, June 10, 2010

A third liberal Republican loses their primary Tuesday night....McCain will be next

First there was Bob Bennett, then Arlen Specter (who had switched parties because he was so liberal), now Sue Lowden. Lowden lost the Nevada GOP primary to a Tea Party candidate, Sharron Angle, mainly due to to Tea Party support.

According to the Washington Post, Lowden, the establishment Republican candidate and chairwoman of the Nevada GOP, had earned the ire of Republican voters due to her ironclad insistence on GOP delegates supporting McCain at the 2008 convention. When the Ron Paul faction protested, she shut down the convention and later held a secret vote later to approve McCain. She was never forgiven.

In Arizona, the Tea Parties have rallied around Hayworth, with the ones permitted by law to endorse him all endorsing him. They include Tax Day Tea Party and American Patriot Caucus. The Tea Parties have put together several videos for Hayworth, including one asking why McCain was absent from the Stand With Arizona rally, and one that rallied Sarah Palin supporters for Hayworth.

Arizona voters are fed up with McCain voting for the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts, sponsoring Cap and Trade legislation, and flip-flopping on illegal immigration among numerous other things. McCain's lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union over 28 years in Congress is only an 81, whereas Hayworth's rating over 12 years in Congress is a 98. Arizonans are also fed up with the lies coming from the McCain campaign. McCain is spending more time attacking Hayworth in vicious television ads than he ever did Barack Obama. McCain is now trying to portray Hayworth as an earmarker, when in reality, his ads merely list regular Appropriations, transportation, and bills where OTHER members of Congress had attacked pork. These ads conveniently ignore McCain's vote for the $700 billion general TARP bailout, the $25 billion auto bailout, the first $85 billion AIG insurance bailout, and his proposal to spend $300 billion on a mortgage entitlement bailout to buy out every bad mortgage in the country. As a result, McCain's scores from the ACU in 2008 dipped to an alltime low of 68. McCain is the true porker and big spender in the race, don't let his glossy misleading ads fool you. Tea Partiers will be voting him out this August 24th!

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