Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Special Thanks from J.D. Hayworth

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Thanks to YOU - We did it!
But J.D. Still Needs YOUR help
Last week, J.D. set out to complete his Second Million Dollar Drive - and expected this ambitious goal to take a full week.  But thanks to supporters like you, J.D. surpassed his goal in less than 6 days!  While today's message was intended to be the "final push" to reach the second million dollars - it is now a thank you!

The outpouring of support has been tremendous.  Since the first message was sent out a week ago, over $130,000 has been raised.  J.D. will now have the funds to start running television advertisements.  However, $1 million is just not enough to combat the constant barrage of attack ads from McCain.

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Generous supporters like you have made it possible for J.D. to start running television ads, but J.D. still needs money to sustain a viable advertising campaign through the months of July and August.  McCain has already spent over $4 million on television and radio advertising - all in the "preseason."

The "regular season" is just beginning - and your help is needed TODAY.  J.D. needs to raise as much money as possible by midnight tonight, June 30th before filing the Federal Elections Commission quarterly report.  By donating TODAY to help J.D. run ads you can send a clear message to Washington that Americans have had ENOUGH with liberal Republicans and liberal politics.

McCain's seemingly desperate tactics show that he sees J.D. as a serious threat.  McCain is losing ground in the polls, putting J.D. within striking distance of a grassroots-based victory in the Arizona Republican Primary on August 24th!

Time is of the essence.  Please make a $25, $50, or $100 contribution TODAY to help J.D. mount a credible television campaign before early voting begins on July 29th through the primary on August 24th.

Please send checks to:
J.D. Hayworth 2010, Inc.
P.O. Box 28604
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

P.S. You can also help J.D. raise needed advertising dollars by forwarding this message to 3 of your friends or sharing this message on Facebook.

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