Thursday, June 3, 2010

Schweikert tops 2000 yard signs across district

You’ve done it!
Well over 2,000 yard signs across the district!
The momentum and energy behind my campaign for Congress is something I’ve never seen before.
--And Arizona’s Fifth District is going to be one of the #1 battlegrounds to WIN!
This is about the future of our country.
Help me retire Harry Mitchell! Stop the Spending. Take control of our debt. And grow this economy once again!
Take-action… And join MY WINNING CAMPAIGN:
  • We have walks scheduled in your neighborhood.
  • Help us reach out door-to-door.
  • Grab a telephone and call your neighbors.
  • We have the call lists and easy-to-follow scripts.
The Schweikert campaign has the battle plan to defeat Harry Mitchell this year.
Come join the fun!
Call Schweikert Headquarters today at 480-302-4872 to get involved.

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